Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This week Staples has Free After Rebate Printing Calculators for $14.99, limit 2.

I don't need Printing Calculators, but I had a $40.90 Rewards Certificate so I thought it'd be good to roll it into, and get a Rebate Check back.

First the fellow told me he didn't have anymore, then he was able to find one up in the overhead storage area. I asked about them ordering me another one; the first guy said I had to buy it in-store to get the reward, I said I would buy it in-store if he'd order it. Then Manager told me he couldn't order it because it was a President's Day thing and they wouldn't be getting anymore.

He said he could look and see if any other stores had it in stock so I said to check Rome since I plan to go up there soon anyway. I asked if I could buy both the calulators at his store and be able to go pick up the other calculator and he said Sure we can!
The Rome store showed having 5 in stock, so he called up there and told them he was going to sell one of their calculators in his store and I'd come pick it up. Not a problem.
The lady in line behind me asked "You can do that?"

And even after that whole big dicussion about it, he only charged me for one calculator.
I didn't realize it until I was on up the road and my mind caught up with me and it dawned on me that I shouldn't have gotten such a large Reward Credit ticket back.
Problem being, when I spend it I have to spend the whole amount, when I had wanted to only spend for the two calculators, and have the remainder left to spend in case another deal came up.

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