Wednesday, February 17, 2010


With the $5 gift card deals for razors and Olay body wash this week, the Embrace/Olay deal seemed like a better deal at Target.

They had three Venus razors, but they weren't scanning for 6.99 or for the gift card on the store scanner. Since I was holding a sign in my hand that said it should work, the Associate went to a Manager and they decided to honor the deal.

Value of items: $42.46
Spent: $15.96 + 1.92 tax = $17.88 oop
Got $15.00 Gift Cards = $2.88 total cost
Remit for $15.00 Olay MIR = $12.12 Profit


Cheap&Sweet said...

Oh how kind of them! Can not belive you got the deal they avertised. lol Wish mine had some razors. Ive went twice in the last two weeks and zip.

Melissa said...

I know, right.

At first I couldn't believe they had three Venus razors. But then I couldn't believe they didn't have more, since they weren't ringing up the right sale price or for the gift card.
The Associate and the Manager acted like they didn't have a clue, so I wonder if whoever bought all the other razors paid full price and got no gift card.