Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rite Aid

I didn't get to go shopping a couple of days last week because of bad weather, and then Saturday snuck up on me quick and I had to try to play catch up again.

Value of items: $170.12
Spent: $4.68 + 5.89 tax = $10.57 oop
SCR: $7.99 Complete x 2, $2.00 Colgate x 4
Final Total: $13.41 Profit

Also qualified for (2) $25.00 Rite Aid Gift Cards for the Healthy Heart Rebate


Cheap&Sweet said...

You really make me wanna shop at rite aid. They hate coupons at ours they wont even take IP's.

Melissa said...

I had alot of trouble when I first started coupon shopping at Rite Aid. But I wrote or called Corp every time I had a problem, and I think alot of other people did, too. Now they have an official coupon policy, that includes accepting IP's, so your store is not following policy by not accepting them.

Cheap&Sweet said...

Thanks Melissa! I have 20 niviea body wash coupons I need to go thier and use a few, I love that stuff. might try to get a mm in thier to lower my cost is thier a rebate also? Thanks in advance.

Melissa said...

The Rebate is "Buy $15.00 Nivea, get $5.00 Gift Card".
If you buy (6) Body Wash at $2.99, that's $17.94.
You need another $2.06 of items to get your total up to $20.00 so you can use the $5/$20 Video Value coupon (I have copies, let me know if you need).

There are some free-after-coupons things you could use, like the Carefree Ultra 16ct. is $1.99 this week, and there is a $2.00 Carefree Ultra Video Value coupon. My store lets me buy multiples so I'd get like 2 of those, but if yours will only take one then if you have a Bayer $1.00 MQ, there is a $2.00 Bayer Video Values coupon. You can find Bayer for like $2.49.

My Rite Aid gives me the overage, but I believe the Rite Aid Official Coupon Policy states that they should adjust a coupon to the price of the item so that it doesn't go below zero. I don't agree with them doing that, but don't let them tell you "can't" take the coupn at all, because they can, by adjusting it.

The Policy also states they do take a Rite Aid and a MQ "stacked", so don't let them tell you they "can't" they do that either.

Don't let them tell you they have to use the $5/$20 AFTER coupons, either. The Policy says you can use the Total purchase coupon when you meet the requirement, which is the purchase price threshold. The threshold would be $20.00.
The next line says Manufacturer coupons will be deducted after the purchase total has been determined (after the Total Purchase coupon was used, when you met the threshold.)

Print and know your Rite Aid Coupon Policy.

That's just a starter deal, since you like the body wash, and we don't know if you'll have trouble.
There are some other deals this week; the Dove Men's body wash is free-after-rebate, so mm if you have any of the coupons, and GE lightbulbs are .20/2 if you have the coupons.
I don't know how much you want to do until you find out how it's going to go.

Melissa said...

BTW, remember there's a limit of (1) gift card (per address), so don't buy up alot thinking you'll get rebates for all of them.

CVS also has about the same deal this week, buy $15 and get $5 ECB, but I don't know how much the body wash costs.

I think Walgreens has a similar deal, too, but I think I read it wasn't as good of a deal.
Rite Aid is the best deal because of the $5/$20 coupon.