Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rite Aid

My totals are a bit skewed because the register ate one of my receipts and I can't remember how much I spent in that transaction. The trans right after it was the same, but rather than returning/reringing the first trans to get my +UPs to print, she just took the amount off of the item in the next trans. She took $5.00 off the Conair hairdryer, $2.00 off the Clearasil, and $1.00 off the candy bars. Saved my $6.00 +UPs I was going to spend, but then it wouldn't accept my $2.00 off the coffee coupon, so I really didn't do as good, but I'm not about to pizz off my coupon-friendly cashier.

My totals:
$138.00 +UPs Spent
$0.34 + 5.64 tax = $5.98 oop
$ 48.00 +UPs Earned
$ 95.00 in Gift Cards

So everything pictured above cost me $0.98 cents.
But I maybe earned another $20.00 GoS, so maybe not.

$14.99 Conair Mini hair dryer
-  5.00 RA Flu booklet q
-  5.00 Get +UPs
= $4.99 (coupled with free deals like Clearasil, candy bars, Motrin; used $5/$25, made this free)

$5.49 Clearasil Overnight Serum (50% clearance price)
-5.00 In-Ad q
-2.00 Get +UPs
= +1.51 overage after +UPs

$1.99 Rite Aid Coffee 11oz.
-2.00 RA IP

$0.99 RA Extreme Clean TB
-1.00 RA IP

$1.99 Poppycock x 8
-1.00 MQ from Orville Popcorn boxes x 8
- 5.00 Get +UPs wyb ??
= $2.92, or .36 each (grouped with BIC pens deal to use $5/$25 to cover this)

$1.59 BIC Pens (w/ 20% disc) x 6
- 3.00 +UPs wyb 2 x 3
= $0.54 (Grouped with Poppycock deal to use $5/$25 to cover this)

$1.00 Tic Tacs
- .75 MQ insert
= .25 (bought differing amounts and grouped with other items to use $5/$25)

$2.00/4 Candy bars
- .99/.52 BOGO MQ (one guy gave me full value of the coupon, the girl gave me selling price and a couple cents for tax)
- 1.00 +UPs wyb 4
= Free or overage

$5.03 or 4.79 (w/ 20% disc) Motrin
- 2.00 RA In-Ad q
- 2.00 MQ insert
- 3.00 Get +UPs
= +1.97 or +2.21 overage

$2.39 DOG playing cards
Copying notes this morning, I had read that some playing cards priced $2.99 were included in the items giving +UPs back. Since the paper hanging up said it gave the +UPs on item 4.99 and above, I wasn't sure if the +UPs others were getting had been a mistake, or if it had been fixed. So I thought I'd buy one thing to try it out.  The wiki listed Harley Davidson, OCC, and I swore I had read DOG cards. I even looked at my notes again and still saw DOG. But then when I didn't get the +UP, I read my notes again, and nope, no DOG. Only thing I can figure is my brain processed OCC funky. Just weird that I didn't even know there was such a thing as DOG cards, I thought I read it, and then go to the store and see DOG cards.

Even after spending $121.00 +UPs, I still had $30.00 +UPs left to spend (expiring 12/25).
Before I left the parking lot, I remembered I was supposed to get milk, so I went back inside. They had (3) jugs, so I got them all. Remembered I needed eggs, too, so I got the (3) dozen they had. Fritos were on sale for $1.88, a good price, so I grabbed a couple bags of those.
By then I was up over $15.00, and hated to not go ahead and try to reach $25 so I could use a $5/$25. I started to get more Tics Tacs, but then saw the Motrin coupons in my coupon-keeper and remembered about those, so I went to look for them. They had (5) boxes, so I got them all.
By my original figurings, I should have spent $14.66 + tax, and got back $15.00 +UPs, making my milk, eggs, and Fritos pretty much free!
But the eggs rang up more than they were priced, so I ended up spending $17.00 +UPs, $1.18 oop, and got $15.00 +UPs back, so my milk, eggs, and Fritos cost $3.18.
Can't complain about that!

I still have $12.00 +UPs to spend by Saturday, so I guess I'm not done yet.


Anonymous said...

Does the register not beep when buying gift cards and paying with +ups? I used to buy gift cards with RR my cashiers were cool then. Haven't yet been able to do it at rite aid but if I could it would be a life saver.

Melissa said...

No, the register don't beep when buying gift cards and paying with +UPs. But sometimes the cashiers won't let you. I usually try to slip mine in in a larger order so it's not quite so obvious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice. Good luck with moving everything. I love your blog so thanks for the time and effort you put into it.