Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rite Aid

$291.00 +UPs Spent
-15.17 + 27.28 tax = $11.71 oop
$292.00 +UPs earned
$20.00 +UPs wyb $100
Final Total $9.29 profit
(I could have done a little better, there was at least (3) transactions I could have split to use another $5/$25, but didn't want to push it.)

This deal is really only good one more day on account of the $5/$25 expiring tomorrow, but some of these items regular cost $9.99, and are $7.99 if you have 20% disc. and they give a $5.00 +UPs. So $2.99 after +UPs, but I grouped with free stuff and used the $5/$25 to make them free.
The mouse, 4-usb hub, USB cord, USB cord extension are 9.99.
The 2.0 GB flash drives were 14.99, or 11.99 after 20% disc, so after the $5/$25 and $5 +UPs, they cost $1.99 (I bought some rulers/pencils/folders for the overage to cover that).

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