Monday, December 6, 2010

Rite Aid

The 1st Rite Aid store I visited this morning didn't have the Revlon on clearance, so I just did a deal...This has been a previously unfriendly store so I don't do much here anyway.

Transaction #1:
$6.21 Olay Facial Cleansing Cloths 25% sale
$6.21 Olay Cleanser 25% sale
$4.79 Revlon NP
$2.39 Revlon NP 50% sale
$3.99 Cloroseptic
$1.19 (w/ 20% disc) Trial size John Frieda x 3

-$2.00 Olay Rite Aid Flu Booklet x 2
-$2.00 Olay MQ x 2
-$3.00 Rite Aid Revlon IP x 2
-$1.00 Chloroseptic MQ
-$7.00 +UPs

= $0.16 + 1.55 tax = $1.71 oop

Rec'd $1.00 Cholorseptic, $3.00 Olay, $4.00 Revlon +UPs
SCR $2.00 Chloroseptic, $5.00 John Frieda
Olay Rebate = $12.42/$50.00

Final Total $6.29 profit

The next store I visited didn't have anything marked, but I got a couple of items I knew I had bought yesterday and got them price checked and they were clearanced priced. Since nothing was marked I looked for exactly the same stuff I bought yesterday.
Transaction #2:
$2.24 3D Mascara x 3
$1.99 Eye shadow
$1.74 Lip gloss x 6
$1.19 Nail Polish x 7
= $27.48

-$3.00 Rite Aid Revlon Nail IP x 7
-$1.00 +UP

=$0.48 + 1.57 tax = $2.05 oop

Rec'd $4.00 x 8 = $32.00 +UPs
(Crap! Apparently I miscounted, or something didn't get rung up...I only got 8.5 deals!)

Final Total: $28.95 profit

Transactions #3: (Same store)
$5.99 Olay Cloths 25% sale
$5.99 Olay Cloths 25% sale
$5.99 Olay Cleanser 25% sale
$5.99 Olay Cleanser 25% sale
$1.19 (w/ 20% disc) Trial size John Frieda x 3
$1.19 Revlon Nail Polish x 2
$1.88 Fritos chips
= $31.79

-$2.00 Olay Rite Aid Flu Booklet x 4
-$2.00 Olay MQ x 4
-$3.00 Rite Aid Revlon IP x 2
-$5.00 +UPs

(When *I* tally up this deal, I get a subtotal of $7.79 before tax. I tried to use $7.00 +UPs, but it wouldn't take the last $2.00 one, and the reciept shows my subtotal is -.21 after using $5 +UPs. So, I dunno!)
= -.21 + 1.80 tax = $1.59 oop

Rec'd $3.00 Olay, $3.00 Olay, $4.00 Revlon +UPs
SCR: $5.00 John Frieda
Olay Rebate $36.38/$50.00

Final Total $3.41 profit

Next store I shopped is one that insists Rite Aid Corp told them there are NO more $5/$25, they pulled them all because they were all copied and frauded (or some such crap). But she decided she would take mine today, but she couldn't take them anymore, from now on I have to have the ones with Serialized numbers (video values, in other words). I explained that these weren't video values, they come when you sign up for an account at My Rite She still insisted RA told them there were not any valid $5/$25 coupons anymore.

Anyway, I did a deal using the $/$25, and since she gave me such a hard time about wanting to accept it, there was no way I was breaking out several Nail polish coupons, so I ended up not using any at all, though I think I could have gotten away with at least one.
I figured the makeup deal was good enough to get even without using any coupons at all, so I got all the nail polish and lip gloss I could see with stickers. Even so two rang up full price and had to be modified.

Because I'm so accustomed to doing separate orders to be able to use the $5/$25 coupons, I still had my orders today broke up even though I wasn't using another $5/$25. It didn't dawn on me until I was checking out that I really didn't need to do separate orders, duh!
But because I had broke them up, and figured each one out, and how many +UPs I would need, I ended up getting a box of Moon Pies I didn't need that I had thought I needed as a filler.
Transaction #4:
$14.99 KY Kissable
$5.99 Olay Cloths 25% sale
$5.99 Olay Cleanser 25% sale
$1.74 Lip gloss x 4
$1.19 Nail Polish x 10
$0.80 Moon Pies (20% disc)(Thought they were supposed to be on 25% off sale)
= $46.63

-$2.00 Olay Rite Aid Flu Booklet x 2
-$2.00 Olay MQ x 2
-$4.00 KY Tearpad MQ
-$5.00 KY Vv q
-$23.00 +UPs

= $1.63 + $2.35 tax =$3.98 oop

Rec'd $4.00 x 7 = $28.00 Revlon, $3.00 Olay, $2.00 KY
Olay Rebate $48.36/$50.00 (ARE YOU FREEKIN KIDDING ME?!?!)(Should have added as I went along so I would have known to buy a little more expensive item. Sigh!)

Final Total $6.02 profit
(This totally didn't add up to what I had figured :-( Oh well, can't complain...profit is profit, right.)

Grand Total $44.67 profit, and an ALMOST $20.00 Olay Rebate


Renee said...

Can you post which colors of Revlon nail polish you found for 1.19?

Melissa said...

099 Effervescent Opal
130 Iced Spice
190 Strawberry Electric
900 Gold Get 'Em
906 Bewitching Bordeaux
908 Red Hot Tamale
914 Tropical Temptation