Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rite Aid

The first store I shopped at is a sometimes/not coupon friendly store, but when I walked in and saw the SM cashiering, I knew today was a not day.
I don't know what the chick has against me, I've only ever seen her once before, a few weeks ago, when she tried to say that she was told they weren't supposed to take any $5/$25 anymore, and her own cashier showed her the email that said about the certain ones that had been made fraudulent or whatever it was. But that was it, nothing else was said, no disputes, no nothing.

Because I knew she didn't want to even use the $5/$25 before, I didn't try doing more than one deal using the $5/$25 today.

For no specific reason, I decided to do the Thermacare deal.
The deal is, buy 2, get $5 +UPs.
They are regular price, so my 20% disc applied, making them $5.59 each.
I got (4) and used (4) $3.00 IPs, and (1) $1.00 Video Values coupon.

Because the deal was Buy 2, to buy six would have made my total $33.54 before coupons, and $9.54 after coupons. I would have received $15.00 +UPs, making a profit of $5.46.

Instead, I got (4) Thermacare, and (2) Revlon nail polish.
The Revlon this week is BOGO50%, so they were $4.79 and $2.39 = $7.18, and I used (2) $3.00 off Revlon nail care RA IPs.
So then my figures were:
$22.36 (4) Thermacare
$ 7.18 (2) Revlon nail polish
-12.00 Thermacare IP
-1.00 Thermacare Vv
-6.00 Revlon nail care
= $5.54 oop, and got $14.00 +UPs back = $8.46 profit

With my $8.00 profit, I was going to buy (4) Sunday newspapers at $2.00 each, but then when I got over to the stack, I saw there were some of the Bundle wrappers stuck in with the papers. I figured it was so you could either buy a single paper, or if you wanted to buy two you could get the bundle price of $3.00 and save $1.00.  So I got four papers, and two of the bundle wrappers and proceeded to the checkout.

Where the STORE MANAGER informed me that *He* (the paper guy) only leaves two of those bundle wrappers especially for HER each week, and she'd already bought them, so sorry, you can't get them for the bundle price.
Since there were still a couple of more bundle wrappers stuck in the stack of papers, CLEARLY she was lying and doing nothing but being hateful, making me have to pay more for my papers/coupons.

Since I was using profit I was making off them anyway, I didn't argue with her, but WTF??

When she was ringing me up she started complaining about how hard Sunday mornings were because it was only her there and she had to do al the checking out and couldn't get the prices changed, blah blah blah. I tried being sympathetic, and said you almost had to have everything done before you leave Saturday night, and she told me, no, they can't pull the prices before Saturday night.
Really? Because the store I was in yesterday were already pulling and re-tagging. They'll be ready to go this morning, rather than bitching and moaning about it.
I don't know what got her started, I didn't say anything, tags don't much matter to me. I get my deal ideas from the internet and pick up a sale paper on the way in the door. All I can figure is she was mad she was having to sell me stuff when she wanted to be working on the tagging?

Then, yes, she wanted to argue about my $5/$25. She was told there was only $4/$20 now. I said, that's only for Video Values, this is something totally different, and besides, now there's a $3/$20.  She ain't got a clue.

She didn't say a word about me using (2) of the Revlon nail polish q's, then wanted to tell me that Limit One Per Purchase on the Thermacare meant One Per Customer.

I like the cashiers at that store and don't have any trouble with them, so as much as I'm pizzed about those papers, I guess I'll let it go and not pizz her off anymore than I've already somehow managed to.

Total: $4.78 + 1.73 tax = $6.51 oop
(She upset me lying about the bundle thing, so I forgot to use more +UPs to pay for the papers, instead of cash, blah)
Rec'd $14.00 +UPs
Final Total $2.49 Profit (4 Free newspapers/coupons!)

The next Rite Aid store I shopped at, one of my fav guy cashiers was on duty, and this is where I found all the 75% clearanced priced Revlon makeup.

Transaction #1: (I did the Thermacare deal again, testing to see if the clearanced Revlon nail polish would still give the $4.00 +UP)
$5.99 Thermacare x 4 (Reg. price is $7.49 at this store)
$1.19 Revlon nail polish x 2
-3.00 Thermacare IP x 4
-1.00 Thermacare Vv
-3.00 Revlon nail care RAq x 2
-2.00 +UPs
= $0.34 + 1.49 tax = $1.83 oop

Rec'd $14.00 +UPs
Final Total $10.17 profit

Transaction #2:
$14.99 Kissable KY
$  3.99 Chloroseptic
$ 1.19 Revlon nail polish x 2
$ 1.99 Revlon lipstick x 2
- $5/$25
-4.00 KY Tearpad q (I have alot of these if anyone needs any. Or they were still hanging in the store by the lubes)
-5.00 KY Vv q
-1.00 Chloroseptic IP (also supposed to be one in this weeks 12/05 SS paper)
-3.00 Revlon nail care RAq x 2
-4.00 +UPs
= $0.34 + 1.42 tax = $1.76 oop

Rec'd $11.00 +UPs ($4.00 Revlon, $4.00 Revlon, $2.00 KY, $1.00 Chloroseptic)
SCR $2.00 Chloroseptic
Final Total $7.24 profit

Transaction #3: See post above this one.

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