Sunday, December 12, 2010

Personal Blog

I had a personal blog last year that I let fall by the wayside, but I'd been thinking I've needed to start one back up, because sometimes I have stuff to say that isn't coupon-shopping-deal related.

I thought about just posting the stuff here - this is also my personal blog, after all - but then I decided nah, it's not really keeping in with the theme of this blog.  Probably alot of my visitor's to this blog could care less about my famly/homelife/doings/opinions/etc.

But I do feel like I have some friends here that might be interested in Moi, and chatting about life and stuff outside of coupon-shopping (what little is left of life outside coupon-shopping).

So, if I have something not coupon/shopping/deal related to yak about, I'll post it in my new blog and put a link here and if anyone wants to read it they can, and if not, that's okay, too :-)

Christmas Tree Day


Cheap&Sweet said...

I dont think no one would mind. But very cool that you wanna write about you.

Melissa said...

LOL, well, not all about Me, haha. Just things and stuff, that aren't coupon-deal-shopping related.

I'm funky like that, I like to compartmentalize.

Cheap&Sweet said...

That has to be an awesome quality to have when it comes to Stockpile storage! lol

Melissa said...

Hm, um, no, apparently it's only my mind that works that way. Otherwise the rest of me just looks for an empty spot in the floor - or a stack that's not teetering too awful much - and piles the stuff up where ever. lol