Saturday, December 4, 2010


Shopped at another different Kroger today - still no Orville Redbox boxes :-(  I'm afraid I'm going to be stuck having to shop at that one terrible horrible crappy yucky Kroger and just have to pay .50 more. If I shop just to use my soda q's to save .50, I lose out on (6) free Redbox rentals.

The tag on the Suave at this store were dated 12/18. I went ahead and spent on out the rest of my q's while I was there. They were due to expire 12/12 and my luck they'll all get sold out again before I could get back to get them.
The first two q's scanned the .50, then .38, up to the .88 price making them free. But then the others started doing something and the cashier had to override them. When she did that, they doubled on up to $1.00, giving me a little overage.
I've had that happen a couple of times lately; I'm wondering if it has anything to do with what I'm hearing about some Kroger stores are trying to limit to 2 Like Coupons per order? 
They say it's either 1) to stop so many fraudulent IP coupons, or 2) to stop couponers from shelf clearing. Perfectly okay for cash spenders to shelf clear, I guess.

Found lots of Tuna. I got 30 pkgs. Believe it or not, there was still plenty left. Thirty packages gave me $1.80 overage.

When I first went in, I felt like I was shopping in a Salvage Grocery, lol. They had a bag of flour marked .69 and a box of soda crackers marked .49.  They were both in date, the only thing was the packages had been torn and taped back together. 
The crackers were still sealed in their plastic sleeves and looked fine.
The flour may or may not be okay, but for .69 I figured it was worth the gamble (especially since Tuna overage was paying for it anyway).
Then I found a package of bacon marked .79. The outer packaging was torn, but the bacon was still sealed up in the plastic and looked fine.
They also had a package of bacon for .99, the packaging was fine, but the bacon looked, icky. Discolored. I didn't get it.

Total Spent: $0.45 + .95 tax = $1.40 oop
Savings $51.54

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