Sunday, December 5, 2010

Food Lion

Stopped back by Food Lion to see if I could get the rest of the Coffee Mates I needed to spend out my q's before they expire tomorrow.

Found two more .55 blinkie q's for the Temptations in my coupon stack, so those were free. Used the $2/2 MQ from the 11/14 RP on the other treats.
Even though the coupon says Any Purina Friskies treats, it's coded for the Whisker Lickins and beeps No Match Found on any others. So it required a Key Turn from the CSM.

The Morton salt coupon beeped for Item More Than Cost (or some such). She didn't know how, or they don't do it, or I don't know, but instead of entering for .99, she had the CSM do a Key Turn and entered $1.00 coupon anyway.  Don't know what will happen next time.

I've been trying to look at any .55 and .60 coupons I get in my inserts that won't double at Kroger or Publix, and figure out if I can get any decent deals with them at Food Lion.
So in the 11/14 RP I saw there was a .55 off Any Tennessee Pride product. I don't know what all products they have, so I just cut out the q's and went to take a looksee.

Turns out they have this box of Sausage gravy stuff (in the refrigerated case with sausage and bacon).
Uh, I have just forgotten the regular price, but anyway, turns out they are on sale right now for 4/$5, or $1.25 a box.  The tag is dated 12/28, so I guess that means they will be on sale until then.
When doubled, the .55 coupon makes these $.15 a box. 

They had my hubby's brand of Dip on close-out for $1.49, so I bought him 4 of those. They are old-ish and kind of dried out at this point, but he adds a little whiskey to the container and juices them back up. (He only dips these at home, not at work or out anywhere, lol)

Transaction #1: $0.17 + .89 tax = $1.06 oop
Trans #2: $6.26 + .53 tax = $6.79 oop*
*My stuff was only $.30 not including his Dip and tax.


3GAKids1521 said...

HaHa...not paying close enough attention to your pic, I thought the Dip you were talking about was like cheese dip or something. I giggled when I went back up to the pic. Just thought I would share..

Melissa said...

LOL, what were you thinking...Ewwwwww old, dried up cheese dip?? lol :-)

3GAKids1521 said...

Yeah, that's why when you went into explanation about him putting the liquor in it, it kinda blew my mind and I had to take a second look.

Melissa said...