Friday, December 3, 2010

Food Lion

I stopped by Food Lion because I had (2) $3.00 OYNO coupons I needed to spend, and also I was toting some .55 off any Coffee Mate Powder creamer coupons that are about to expire like on Monday 12/06.

The boxes of single-pack Coffee-mate powders are .99 (the French Vanilla used to be also, but have gone up tp $1.49 at this particular store, not sure about other stores), so the .55 doubled up .99, making them FREE. 
They only had six, so I have to try to get by the other store and see if they have another four before Monday.

They had some of the tuna pouches in stock. I have alot of blinkies, and not much luck finding them in stock at Kroger, so I went ahead and got these here. My .55 blinkies only doubled to .99, making them FREE, instead of giving me .12 overage like at Kroger, but I ain't complaining :-)

They had those Tempations treats on Close-Out for .99, and I had a couple of .55 blinkies in my envelope...don't know where they came from or why I don't have anymore. Anyway, they doubled to FREE.

The bacon, One Pound of Oscar Meyer, was on sale for $3.99. Used my $3.00 OYNOs.

Total Spent $1.76 + .60 tax = $2.36 oop

*Some other stuff I saw:
Morton Sea Salt is regular priced $0.99
use $1.00 from 11/14 RP

Friskies Natural Sensations cat treats on Close-out .99
Friskies Indoor Crunch on Close-out .89
Whisker Lickins Tender Moments on Close out .79
$1.00 9/12 RP
$2.00/2 11/14 RP
$1/2 10/03 RP

Meow Mix Ocean Explosion on Close-out .49

(*For stores that double)
Domino Confectioners/Brown Sugar boxes are on sale $1.00 each
-  .50/2 11/14 RP (doubles to $1.00)
= .50 each

Scotties Tissues .99 thru 01/04/11
$.50/3 11/14 RP (double to $1.00)
= $1.97/3, or about .66 each
You can usually get better deals on Kleenex, but if you happen to need some when there's no other sale, this one's not too awful bad.

$1.58 Mt. Olive Squeeze Sweet Relish
-  .50 10/31 SS (double to $1.00)
= .58

*Just found some .55 blinkies in my pocket that I found at Kroger today exp. 12/12
Makes the Sweet Relish $0.48

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