Sunday, December 5, 2010


Stopped in the *Yuk* Kroger to pick up some more Popcorn w/ Redbox. Found some Tunas, so I could make a Mega deal.

The soda is $2.17 this week. Not $1.99, but not as bad as $2.50, either. With both q's, only $.17 a 12-pack.

$1.49 Orville Popcorn x 3
- .40 (doubled) MQ x 3
$2.17 12-pack Soda
-1.50 *Free* Soda coupon from inside Orville box
$ .49 Tuna x 7
- .55 Blinkie q x 7
= $10.07

$2.32 + .42 tax = $2.74 oop
Savings $16.08

*Here's the thing - this is how knuckle-headed I am - I was explaining the deal to my son's girlfriend, and it occured to me to wonder why am I even buying the soda at this store?? I can buy the popcorns here, and buy the soda at another store that will take both the MQ and Kroger store q.

*I only had (2) Orville coupons left...there's a blinkie up at Kroger for .55 off, which doesn't double at my store. But after here I went over to Food Lion and they have .50 blinkies, which will double to $1.00 at Kroger. YaY! 

*Also, I just now noticed today that the bags of Tidy Cat litter are included in the Mega sale at $1.49. There's a $1.00 MQ in the 9/12 RP, making these .49 a bag. Not a bad price, I don't think.
I don't remember what size they were but I usually pay $6+ for the 14lb jug of it.


Earthy Mama said...

I am so ticked. I can't find a SINGLE box of popcorn with the redbox codes. UGH!!! And I've been to four stores

Melissa said...

Only one out of the five stores I visited had them.

I saw some at Food Lion. If yours has them, maybe you could buy some at both places, switch them around and return the K ones to FL for a refund.