Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rite Aid

All picture frames and photo albums are 50% off this week. And, any picture frames regular priced $4.99 and above gives a $2.00 +UP.
There are several different kinds of frames for $4.99 and $5.00, also Laminating Pouches, and a couple of small 4x6 photo albums for $4.99.

If you buy (10) $5.00 frames, the total is exactly $25.00 after 50% discount. Use a $5/$25, pay $20.00 (in +UPs, if you have them), and get (10) $2.00 ($20.00) +UPs back. Ten frames for only tax!
(If you buy $4.99 frames/albums, your store may require you to buy a small filler for the last few cents it comes up under $25.00.)

Transaction #1:
$2.50 Picture frames 50% sale (reg $5.00) x 10
$4.79 Nail polish
$2.38 Nail Polish BOGO50% sale
$25.00 Bass Pro Shop gift card
- $5/$25
-3.00 RA Revlon nail care IP x 2
-46.00 +UPs

= $.18 + 1.90 tax = $2.08 oop
Rec'd $2.00 Frames x 10 ($20.00), $4.00 Revlon
Final total $0.92 profit on the frames and nail polish/Turned $25 +UPs into gift card

Transaction #2:
$8.99 Sharpie
$4.49 Sharpie BOGO50% sale
$3.99 Chloroseptic
$4.79 Nail polish
$2.38 Nail Polish BOGO50% sale
$1.19 Travel Size John Frieda shampoo (w/ 20% disc) x 3
$25.00 Bass Pro Shop gift card
- $5/$25
-3.00 RA Revlon nail care IP x 2
-1.00 Chloroseptic MQ 12/5
-41.00 +UPs

= $.22 +1.63 tax = $1.85 oop
Rec'd $4.00 Sharpie x 2 ($8.00), $4.00 Revlon, $1.00 Chloroseptic
SCR $5.00 John Frieda
Final Total $0.15 profit on Sharpies, etc/Turned $25 +UPs into gift card

Transaction #3: (Different store)
$1.74 Revlon Lip Gloss 75% clearance x 4
$2.24 Revlon Mascara 75% clearance
$1.99 Revlon Lipstick 75% clearance
$1.99 Revlon eyeshadow 75% clearance
$1.19 Revlon nail polish 75% clearance x 7
$25.00 gift card
- $5/$25
-3.00 Revlon nail care x 7
-19.00 +UPs

= $1.51 + 1.16 = $2.67 oop (some more of my mis-figurings)
Rec'd $4.00 Revlon x 7 ($28.00)
Final Total $6.33 profit, and a free $25 gift card??

Transaction #4:
$2.49 Picture Frames 50% sale x 10
$1.19 Revlon Nail Polish 75% clearance
$1.19 Revlon nail polish 75% clearance
$1.19 Revlon nail polish 75% clearance
$1.19 Revlon nail polish 75% clearance
$25.00 gift card
- $5/$25
-3.00 RA Revlon nail care x 4
-37.00 +Ups

= $.66 + 1.73 tax =$2.39 oop
Rec'd $2.00 Frames x 10 ($20.00), $4.00 Revlon x 2 (8.00)
Final Total $13.61 profit on frames nail poish/Turned $25 +UPs into gift card

Transaction #5:
$8.99 Sharpie
$4.49 Sharpie BOGO50% sale
$1.99 Scotch Double-sided tape x 2
$4.79 Nail polish
$2.38 Nail Polish BOGO50% sale
$25.00 gift card
- $5/$25
-3.00 RA Revlon nail care x 2
- .50 Scotch double-sided tape IP x 2
-37.00 +UPs

= $.64 + 1.37 tax = $2.01 oop
Rec'd $4.00 Sharpie x 2 ($8.00), $4.00 Revlon, $1.00 Scotch tape
Final Total $1.01 cost/Turned $25 +UPs into gift card


Ashley B said...

Hi- I can't wait to do the picture deal. Thanks so much for letting us know about that. Also- can you explain the sharpie deal and how that is a moneymaker. I don't think my brain is working right and I want to do the deal but I need to understand it. Thanks so much!! Ashley

3GAKids1521 said...

Wanted to let you know about my PROFIT run at Rite Aid last night (you remember I mentioned I wasn't doing so hot)...

10 pack of Claritin D
-$4 any Claritin product MQ
-$3 Claritin D In Ad Q
-$3 Claritin D RA Book Q
-$2.80 (20% Discount)
Paid $1.86 (w/tax)
Recv'd a $2 Up Reward..

Then went for the Garnier deal (I had a ton of coupons for this and still have more) plus a couple other things:

Garnier Herbashine Haircolor x 3 (5.99 ea.)
Garnier Dandruff Shampoo (3.33 ea.)
Garnier Shampoo x 2 (3.00 ea.)
Garnier Conditioner x 2 (3.00 ea.)
Fruit Snacks x 6 (.80 (w/20% disc.))
Cella Chocolate Cherry (filler - .26)
Colgate Wisps (Clearance Item) (4.49 ea.)
-$2 Garnier Shampoo MQ
-$1 RA Fructis Q
-$1 Garnier Hair Product MQ x 4
-$2 RA Garnier Q x 5 (3 RA Book / 2 VV)
-$1 RA Fructis Color Shield Q x 2
-$3 Garnier Haircolor MQ x 3
Paid $8.70 (w/tax)
Recv'd $10 Garnier Reward, $5 Maybelline Reward

As I was checking out, the lady that was waiting patiently behind me bought one of those Charlie Brown trees. She didn't have a Wellness card, so, I went ahead and gave her my card so she could get the discount. It took her from $10.70 to $8.74. As I proceeded to leave, the cashier told me not to leave because I had an Up Reward going to print. Sure enough, a $2 printed. All for my little extra effort in trying to do a good thing.

Melissa said...

Ashley, the Sharpie deal isn't really a money-maker on it's own. Both pkgs. cost a total of $13.48, use $5/$25, pay $8.48 and get $8.00 +UPs. So .48 after coupons and +UPs.

I was combining mine with (2) bottles of Revlon nail polish NOT on clearance, and using (2) of the $3.00 Rite Aid Revlon nail care coupons.
When you buy two of the nail polish not on sale and use two coupons, they end up costing $1.18 oop. Then you get a $4.00 +UP.

So that's a $2.82 profit which I figure covers the remaining .48 of the Sharpies and some or all of the tax.

The $25 gift card was a wash, I spent $25 +UPs on them.

YMMV if your store will allow you to use two RA Revlon q's in the same trans, or to buy gift cards with +UPs.
The +UPs says it can't be used on Prepaid cards. If you have one of the exp.12/31 $5/$25 q's, read in the stipulations and it says can't be used on Prepaid cards or Gift Cards, so you can maybe argue that they are two different things.

Melissa said...

Looks like it picked up for you, 3Gakids! Great shops!

I've got my Garnier deal(s) planned and coupons, but it's pretty much at the bottom of my to-do list, if I can't find other deals to do.
I think I'm done with the Sharpies so I'll probably look to do the Garnier tomorrow or the next day.

That was pretty cool you got rewarded for doing a good deed! I know you didn't need or expect a reward, that made it even sweeter :-)

Navy_Frugalista said...

Again always rocking the deals--again wish I had more than one Rite Aid in a 60 mile radius. Keep up the good work!!

Ashley B said...

Thanks for the help. I did the Sharpie and the photo frame deal this morning. My husband was so excited about the sharpies. Thanks for posting your deals- I always love seeing what you get for nothing!