Friday, December 3, 2010


*Unadvertised Deal* (this week only?) Limit 1
EOS (Evolution of Smooth) Lip Balm
$2.99; get $2.99 ECB

*These weren't located in either the Cosmetics nor the lip balm section at the two stores I visited. They were on the side of an end cap; at the first store the end-cap was at the end of the baby diaper aisle, and at the other it was over by the shampoo and stuff. So you maybe have to look everywhere. Or ask for help, which is what I had to do at the first store. I had no idea what I was looking for. They are round, like balls.

Monthly deal on Complete Limit 1
$9.99 get $9.99 ECB

*Sign says this deal is good thru 1/01. I went ahead and did bought the Complete to be able to get my totals up for a $/$$ coupon, but if you wanted to you could probably wait and see if a Complete coupon comes out sometime between now and then.

$/$$ Q's Some valid thru Sunday, some thru Wednesday

Transaction #1:
$2.99 EOS Lip Balm
$1.00/2 Butterfingers x 10
-1.00/2 Tearpad coupon found at Kroger long time ago
$9.99 Complete
$7.99 Blink Gel Tears (Raincheck Price)
-4.00 Peelie found at Rite Aid long time ago
-$4/$20 CVS IP
-$12.99 ECBs
= -.02 + 1.27 tax = $1.25 oop

$2.99 EOS Lip Balm
$3.00 ECB wyb $10.00 Nestle products
$9.99 Complete
$4.00 Blink - This week's ad
$7.99 Blink - Raincheck deal
= $27.97

Total $13.73 Profit

Transaction #2:
$9.99 Complete
$  .99 Robitussin-2-Go x 6
-$1.00 Robitussin IP  (print one per email address)
(last one adjusted to .94)
$  .50 Candy x 2 (because I misfigured and needed another .61 to spend the ECBs I had)
-$3/$15 CVS IP
-7.00 ECBs
= $0.39 + .91 tax = $1.30 oop

Rec'd $9.99 Complete

Total $1.69 profit

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