Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Shopping

I got out today to go get my papers and do a couple of shops. The weather was terrible, raining all day, and although I didn't really have trouble using my coupons, it just wasn't a great day for deals.

I stopped in at four Rite Aids, three of which I did the Covergirl deal in order to be able to use the $5/$20 Rite Aid to get free/cheap things like water, Cokes, and Halloween candy. But I was regretting that I hadn't did it more during the week. I still have Covergirl BOGO coupons left that will likely just go to waste, when I could have put them to good use.

Didn't have any - much? - trouble at Target, but they didn't have much to buy, no dogfood or Glade.
As I was checking out the cashier boy said that my All Small & Mighty coupons would put them amount under...I didn't understand what he meant, then he looked in the bag and said, oh you got two of them. I just nodded, and he was muttering/mumbing something...I'm not sure if it was directed at himself, or at me? I asked "What is it?" as in, what was his problem, but he took it as me asking what my total and told me oh, it's .36 cents.

I stopped in at the Publix that gave me trouble last Wendesday. I wasn't going to, but I was driving right past it. So I stopped in and bought (1) bag of the Tyson chicken patties, a Yakisoba meal, a box of the Knox gelatine, 2 cans of pinto beans and 2 packages of Publix chili mix.
With the Knox and Yakisoba overage, my oop was .25 cents.
I had some gift cards from the Kraft rebate, but had forgot to bring one in with me, so I didn't use any of my gift cards yet.

Stopped in at Walgreens and shopped about an hour a half and got to the register to check out and the power went out. Shut everything down. When the register came back up, the RR Catalina machine no longer worked. So they gave me a refund for everything.

I did buy 6 of the All detergents on clearance for $1.79, with my $1.00 mfr. coupons. I had 8 coupons, but gave the cashier 2 of them for her use. She is always so nice and helpful to me.
But they wouldn't take my Mitchum mfr. coupon catalinas that say Redeemable at Kroger on them.

I left there and went across town to the other Walgreens to try to get the stuff, but they didn't most of it in stock.

I've decided the certain cashier guy that's been there the past several times I've shopped at that Walgreens is bad luck to me. I've done up to 15 transactions with no problems and many, many other single or double transactions. But everytime I've shopped and this guy was the cashier, I've had problems. Not his fault problems, but but I just feel like he causes me to have bad luck.

AND he tore my Neosporin coupon out of my sheet of coupons from the Activity book. I told him don't do that, and that no one else has taken them, and even pointed out that he was standing there the other day when Mr. Rick - the Store Manager - was scanning the coupon, still attached to the page, and didn't take it.
But he insisted he had to. So now I like him even less than I did when he was my bad luck charm.

By this time it was late and getting dark and I had a headache and was so tired, no way I could go to Walmart, even though I was right there. I didn't even stop to get gas even though it was less than a quarter of a tank and I usually never leave it that low because we are about 30 minutes from the hospital.


Earthy Mama said...

I went to all three Wags in my area to hunt for deals on tide, all, etc- no luck. I am totally kicking myself!! I was in Wags so many times over the last week and never walked up that aisle. Ugh.

Melissa said...

Don't feel bad, we all do it. I didn't go up that aisle myself until the cashier asked me had I seen the detergent and stuff on clearance.