Monday, September 14, 2009

Wags, CVS, Walmart

Today's trip was strictly about rolling over expired RRs and ECBs. I neither needed nor really wanted any of the stuff I went after, but the gas I used to go was less expensive than losing all the RRs and ECBs I had. I thought I only didn't go shopping last week, but I had ECBs expired 8/31. Time gets away from me so fast!
~ Wags ~
I don't know what was wrong with me this morning, but I made a complete mess out of my first two Wags shops. When I was recording my spenditures so I'd know how many RRs I needed, I stupidly forgot to deduct the $4 for the Triaminic Wags coupon. At the register I gave my mfr. q's, RRs, and then Wags q's. But because I had misfigured, I had overpaid with a $4 RR, and it wouldn't take the Wags Q now. So I wasted that $4 RR.

I made it back because the rumor about the Triaminic Nighttime Cough & Cold UPC 3 0043634404 5 generating (2) $5.00 RRs was true. So I got them for free, rather than a $4 profit.

I was upset and unable to figure out how I had messed up my first transaction, then I went and messed up the second one, too! I forgot to get him to scan my Neosporin Wags coupon, so there was another $4 mistake!

The manager fixed the second transaction and gave me $4 back, although I told him if it was too much trouble to just not worry about it because it was totally my fault. But he said it wasn't my fault, it was just so all confusing with the RRs and all (I know he was just being was totally my fault).
During his fixing it, the machine spit out another $3 RR for the Neosporin and he gave it to me for my trouble (even though it was alot more trouble for him than it was for me). What a very nice man.

At the next Wags, the girl wanted to give me trouble about my RRs being expired. She said she had to take them off because they were expired. I said they've never not let me use them before (which is true). So she called the manager and asked and he obviously said it was okay, so she told him again that they had expired like three days ago. She said ok and hung up the phone. She said they weren't suposed to take them but he said if it took them (ie. the register scanned them without beeping) then it was okay. She didn't like it, though.

I went back in to do my second transaction and asked a girl in the Cosmetics dept. if they would take the Mfr. Catalina Q's from Kroger on the Mitchum Deodorant. She said she didn't know why not, but she would have to see how they scanned, what the register said when I brought them back up there.

When I brought them back up there, another girl was in Cosmetics, and she said "These is Kroger coupons". I told her they were Mfr. coupons, and that the other girl had told me she thought they would work but she would have to scan them and see if the register accepted them.
She wouldn't even try to scan them, and called the manager to come out there. He also said they were Kroger coupons, so I said well, they're not, but okay, just take the deodorants off then. So then the Manager asks the girl what happened when she scanned them, and she said she hadn't, so he told her to, and lo'n'behold, they scanned just fine.

She also wanted my Neosporin q from the Activity book but I wouldn't give it over. The Store Manager at the other store used it and hadn't taken it, so it's obviously ok for me to keep it.

This was one of my two favoritest Wags...they never used to give me trouble. I don't know what was up with them today.

Total Value Items: $104.57
RRs Spent: $38.00
RRs Received: $48.00

~ CVS ~
$4.99 Dyna-Pep Energy Shot
$4.99 ECBs
= Free

$2.99 Colgate Total Advanced
-1.00 SS 9/13
$2.00 ECB
= Free

$3.99 Reach Toothbrush 2pk. x 3
-3.99 BOGO q RP 4/26
-1.00 SS 6/14
-1.00 SS 6/14
$6.00 ECB
= Free

Brach's Candy 2/$1.00 in-ad coupon (Needed to bring total up to amount of ECBs I had to spend.)
~ Walmart ~
I had Mighty Dog coupons expiring today, and I needed printer ink so I had to go to Walmart. I think every coupon I had beeped, but it didn't seem to phase the cashier-boy.

$ .57 Mighty Dog x 5
-1.00 SS 7/26 x 5
= +2.15 overage

$2.98 Glade Candle tin
-3.00 Glade Kroger insert 8/30
= +.02 overage

$2.98 Glade candle refills
-2.98 Glade Kroger insert 8/30
= Free

$1.64 Pullups Flushable Wipes x 4
-3.00/2 SS 7/19 x 2
= .56

$1.98 Clean n Crunch Cat Treats x 2
-2.00 SS 8/30
= +.04 overage

$21.97 Printer Ink

Total Value of Items: $41.30
Total Spent: $20.32 + 2.89 tax = $23.21

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