Thursday, September 3, 2009


After 4 gallons of cheap milk from Food Lion triples last week, the last thing I needed was more milk. So I was planning to skip the Kroger Free Milk deal this week altogether. But turns out my family guzzled down the free Food Lion chocolatey milk, and I'm running real low on Nesquik powder, I decided it'd work out good for me to go to Kroger and get a couple gallons of Free Chocolatey milk. Only to get there and discover they were out of chocolatey milk. Arrrgggghhhh!

I went ahead and got the jugs of white milk, figuring I'll give it to my Mom or somebody, and try the Kroger deal again at another Kroger tomorrow.
But my $2.00 off Milk wyb Two Keebler Cookies beeps. It always beeps, even without a free milk sale. But of course the boy said it was because the milk was free, so I couldn't use a coupon on free milk. I told him I was still supposed to be able to use paper manufacturer coupons with sales and ecoupons. So he got the Customer Service guy to come over, and he didn't have a clue. I told him I was supposed to still be able to use the coupons even with a sale, and that they were manufacturer coupons and they would still get reimbursed for them. He looked at the other boy and shrugged and said he guessed he'd do it this time. So he put them through, and I told the cashier boy that it was really okay, they would get reimbursed for the coupons. He said well his manager told him not to do it, was all he was saying.
I'm pretty sure his Manager didn't tell him that.

At any rate, this is the easy Kroger I shop at. If I have trouble at this one, the others will be pert near impossible to use the coupons at. I don't whether to even try.

$2.00 Cinnabon x 2
-1.00 IP q x 2
$1.75 Keebler Fudge Shop Cookies x 4
-2.00/2 Peelies found on cookie packages x 2
$1.99 Milk x 2
-2.00 Milk wyb Two Keebler "Fuel for School" booklet x 2
-1.99 Free Milk wyb (3) Kellogg's/Keebler/Sunshine items Kroger deal x 2
= $1.00

$1.00 Marchuan Yakisoba Noodles things x 4
- .50 (doubled) SS 8/23

$1.00 Cattleman's BBQ Sauce
- .50 (doubled) IP q

$ .78 Kroger loafa bread
(no coupons)
(I had coupon/ecoupon to get free Wonderbread, but this Kroger didn't carry Wonderbread.)

Value Before Coupons: $20.76
Total Spent $1.78 + .43 tax = $2.21


Earthy Mama said...

I think those Yakisoba things are $.89 at Publix, so overage if you have more q's. :)

Melissa said...

Cool, thanks!