Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rite Aid Complaint

The District Manager of the Rite Aid in my area called me today re: my complaint on that Store Manager yesterday. He apologized, and said that he had talked to him and I shouldn't have any troubles using my coupons there anymore.

He knew exactly what I was talking about, he told me that he's had to deal with several managers about this same thing. He said he told them Rite gets their money for the coupons, he doesn't know why they keep hasseling people, and the Managers complain that people are getting things for free with all the coupons. He said he tells them to not worry about that because Rite Aid gets their money for the coupons.

He assured me I wouldn't have anymore trouble using my coupons there, and is sending me a Rite Aid gift card for my trouble. Don't know for how much...I just said that I appreciated that, but mainly I just wanted to be able to do my shopping there without being made feel like a thief.

So there you go, if you have problems with a store, file a complaint. It doesn't help every time, but it really doesn't help if you just let it go and let the store employees continue treating you and other shoppers like that.

The Publix Store Manager also called me this morning, but it was just a waste of both of our time. He said they put the limit on the Food Lion coupons because they realized it said Limit One per Customer. I said yes, but it wasn't posted on the door or registers or anything...last week I could use a few of the coupons, this week I get to the register and Surprise! He said they didn't post it...something about was going to put it in the ad but didn't get into the ad...and they had only just realized they'd been doing it wrong. It really didn't make any sense, and it was a bunch of BS anyway. Publix Managers make their own policy regarding Competitor coupon acceptance, he didn't have to limit the Flips to One, he just wanted to, and use it an excuse.

That's okay, it's his store to run how he wants to. To run out of business if he wants to. If he can prosper, in his not-so-great rural location, with a Food Lion, Ingles, a Kroger that takes Publix coupons, and another Publix that takes more competitor coupons within 5 minutes driving distance...more power to him.

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