Monday, September 21, 2009

Rite Aid

Stopped in my local Rite Aid this morning to do Scenario #1 of the Diaper deal this week.

*Tag deal; On the B1G1 Coupon where it says to write in the amount of the item, I did, so when I got to the register and it asked the price, the cashier put in $4.99.

$11.00 Huggies Pure & Natural diapers
- 3.00 IP q
- 2.00 RA q
= 6.00

$2.50 Huggies Wipes
-2.00 IP q (This one beeped no matching item but the manager pushed it through because I was arguing with him about the Rite Aid coupons. So I'll probably have more trouble with it next time.)
= .50

$4.00 Tresseme Conditioner (got attached shampoo free)
-1.00 RA q

$4.50 Clean & Clear
-2.00 IP q
-3.00 RA q
= .50 overage

$4.99 Tag
$2.49 Tag 50% Rite Aid Sale
-4.99 B1G1 q
-2.00 Mfr. q
= .49/2 or about .25 each

$0.88 Reese's Candy
$0.00 Reese's B1G1 Rite Aid Sale
-0.88 B1G1 q
= Free

-$5/$25 RA q

Value Before Coupons: $30.36 (after sale prices)
Total spent: $4.49 + 2.09 tax = $6.58

None of my Rite Aid Video Perks coupons would wasn't that they scanned and beeped or anything, the register just wouldn't read them period...the cashier was going to put them in manually, but then the Store Manager came up and she told him that they weren't scanning. So he took all my coupons, even the ones that had scanned with no problem and was looking through them, and then, in that supercilious tone we all know and hate, says "Well, the problem, ma'am, is that we're only able to accept one coupon per item".

I told him that Rite Aid's coupon policy is that I am able to use a Rite Aid coupon with a mfr. coupon. He argued that the Rite Aid coupons say they are mfr. coupons. I said I realize they say that, but they are Rite Aid coupons, and I can use them together, I know because I've already been on the phone with Corporate this week.
He said "Well, they didn't tell me that". I said he needed to call 1-800-Rite-Aid, right now, I could wait.

He didn't call, and went ahead and entered the coupons, but he embarrassed me in front of other shoppers, and made me feel bad like I was doing something wrong and like I can't shop there anymore and get good deals.

So I came home and emailed Rite Aid Corporate saying that they needed to get in touch with this Store Manager and inform of his own store coupon policy, and that I thought it was pretty ridiculous that the Policy is posted all over the internet for anyone to find, but a Store Manager doesn't know his own store's policies.

I don't care if it makes them - Store Managers/Employees - mad, or if it causes them to scrutinize my coupons, I'm not doing anything wrong, they are.


Earthy Mama said...

Good for you! I hope they call him and tell him how it is. !!

Melissa said...

I hope so, too. Alot of times it doesn't matter, I can hit up other/better Rite Aids when I'm out and about, but sometimes I just want to be able to shop close to home and I should be able to without being treated like an idiot and/or thief.

Should be able to shop anywhere without being treated like that.