Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rite Aid

Yeah, way sucky RA shop today. Haven't looked at the Boards since like Saturday...went out unprepared.

Thanks to Brandy, my coupon-Sista-contact, for answering my text questions so quickly.
If you don't got a coupon-Sista, I highly recommend getting one. (Just not me, 'cuz I suck)

Found the Almay Tru-blends I thin it was on 75% clearance, so $1.87 each. Used a tearpad coupon found at RA sometime back for $3/2 Almay products, so I paid .74 for both, and there's an SCR...maybe. My luck it was probably last month.

The Colgate was $3.50, I think, get $3.50 +UP. I had $1.00 off coupons, so $2.00 profit.

The loafa bread was clearanced to .50.

The Necco's were clearanced to .22, but the reason I got them was because, last week I was shopping with one of my cards and got up to like $97.xx, and had bought another mini-drops to get over $100.00 to get the $20.00 Winter Reward.  Instead of going over $100, it backed up to $40.xx again.
I knew that it had been reported that people were having mess-ups if they did back-to-back transactions like that, but I had just did the same thing at another store with another card and got the $20 +UP with no problem.
Anyway I figured that was what happened, so today I just wanted to buy something cheap to see if it would trigger the $20 +UP, and it did, so it's all cool.

Totals:$6.00 +UPs Spent
$.46 + .65 tax = $1.11 oop
= $7.11
$27.00 +UPs Earned
$ 4.00 SCR
= $23.89 profit

Total Saved $24.22


Earthy Mama said...

LOL! Yes, $2 SCR for each one. :)

Melissa said...

Hoo-rah :-)