Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rite Aid

Someone asked the question: Is L'oreal Youth Code still giving double points towards the Winter Reward? (The answer is, apparently not).
I didn't know, so I wanted to try it before I bought other stuff that counted towards the WR that I could have been using on another card, so I bought the YC by itself.

Someone ran up the scenarios with the discount levels and found out buying one at 10% discount gave the best payout, and luckily for me I have recently gotten a couple of 10% off coupons.
Turns out the Youth Code rang up on sale at $29.99.
Since I was planning to pay $31.49 after 10% disc, even better, and I still have my coupon to use elsewhere.

So the deal looks like this:
$29.99 Youth Code
-$4/$20 Video Value
-10.00 Jan or Feb video value
-3.00 2/20 RP
= $12.99
Got back (2) $5.00 +UPs, there is a $5.00 SCR, and a $10.00 Mail-in-rebate offer online.
Final total = $12.01 profit

And should have given me $29.99 towards my Winter Rewards, which were at $57.xx the other day. But what came out was "You have spent $29.99 towards your reward". WTH?? Like it started over.

Thinking maybe it just needed to re-adjust or something, or at worst I'd call CSR and make them credit it and give me $20.00, I went ahead and got (4) Oreos and a coffee, which should take me up to just over $100.00.
When the Reward notice printed this time, it included this stuff, taking me up to $71.08, but not counting the Youth Code.

So I don't know if I need to finish out this reward with $28.xx worth of stuff that's NOT Youth Code, and if I buy a few more Youth Code will I get another $20.00 Reward on the same card, since it seemed to count by itself?
I just stopped and decided to come home and read and see if it happened to anyone else and what's the deal with it.

Oreos deal:
-1.00/2 Jan or Feb video values
= 5.00/2
Get $1.00 +UP wyb 2 weekly, and $1.00 each monthly
Final total $1.00 each
(and I'm having to make an Oreo Cream Pie afterwhile)

Coffee is still $1.99; use $2.00 RAq to make it free.

And lastly, I wanted to stock up on some Q-tips at .79 each.
These are apparently not included in the $2.99 sale price, but are included in the $2.00 +UP.
They are regular priced $3.49, so I used my 20% disc card to bring the price down to $2.79.
After $2.00 +UP, only cost .79 each.

I also bought a $25.00 Sears gift card, which I can spend at KMart.
I had been going to get another Lowe's, until it occured to me there is a Big K up in Rome. The local one has some groceries, but the one up there has meat and produce, which I need!

$55.00 +UPs Spent
$1.39 + 3.05 tax = $4.44 oop
= $59.44
$22.00 +UPs Earned
$ 5.00 SCR
$25.00 Gift Card
$10.00 L'Oreal MIR
= $2.56 profit (Shoulda been $22.56, had I gotten the $20+UP I was supposta)

Total Saved $92.57


Melissa said...

Ah crud. The L'Oreal MIR is for $10 wyb $30. I spent $29.99. Gah! What now.

Melissa said...

Apparently the Q-tips are part of the $2.99 sale, but using the 20% disc is better than the sale price, so it kicks in instead.