Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Geez, all my ECBs expired, like, yesterday. $32.xx on one card and $27.xx on the other. Had to get my fanny out there and spend those babies.

CVS doesn't have much good sales anymore so no way I was rolling all that. I rolled what I could and spent the rest on stuff we could use. Lost a good bit of ECBs, but don't guess I need to keep so many anyway since I barely go to CVS, maybe onest a month.
I lost out on $3.00 more worth of stuff because I forgot to use my $3/$10 cosmetics CRT from the BRM. Blah.

Garnier deal: Buy $20, get $10 ECB (Limit 1)
They have some Herbashine hair color on clearance, some are $1.99 and some are $3.99. They weren't marked in either store I went in, so check the prices at the machine.
At the first store I was able to get (5) $1.99, (1) 3.99, and (1) 7.00 = $20.94
Used (7) $3.00 Herbashine insert MQs - $21.00.
(They didn't beep to be adjusted down so I got .06 overage, but that doesn't usually happen)
Anyway = FREE, and got $10.00 ECB = $10.00 Profit

At the other store they only had (1) 1.99, (3) 3.99, (1) 7.00 = $20.96
Used (5) $3.00 MQs - $15.00
Paid $5.96, got $10.00 ECB = $4.04 Profit

Nivea Deal: Buy $10.00, Get $5.00 ECB (Limit 1)
Any Nivea, there's alot of products and like the Garnier some are on hidden clearance, and several different coupons to make deals. I just went with the Lip balm and the BOGO coupon.
At one store they had a little gift package kit thing with a lip balm, travel size lotion, and travel size body wash, I think. It was $2.99, same as lip balm, and they let me use the BOGO coupon on those since lip balm was pictured on the box and the coupon said any lip product.
$2.99 x 4 = $11.96 - $5.98 (2) BOGO Q's
Paid $5.98, Got $5.00 ECB = $.98

(The $3/$10 Cosmetics CRT works without beeps on the Garnier and/or Nivea)

Quakers Oats Deal: (Limit 2)
2/$5.00, get $2.00 ECB
Used $1.00 insert q x 2 = $1.00/2

.99 Trident Vitality gum, get .99 ECB = FREE

$1.99 Excedrin PM, used $2.50 tearpad Q, no beeps, got overage, don't know why, but ain't cryin' about it.

$10.00/3 Cereal, get $4.00 ECB = $6.00, or $2.00 each
(NOT a great price for cereal, but I was trying to roll ECBs)

$0.89 Buy 2, Get 1 Free Hershey candy bars
Bought 6, used (3) BOGO MQs, got (2) free w/ sale, so I got (6) but only paid for (1).

2/$3 GE Mashed Potatoes: I had spent my amount of ECBs, and remembered I was still holding the $3/$10 CRT, so I had to spend another $3.00, so I got these.

Parmesan cheese, Refried Beans and Old El Paso, no deal.


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