Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Food Lion

Food Lion had several deals this week, but I screwed around and waited until the last day to go. I think I got suckered into doing a couple of the deals I thought were a good bargain, but maybe not so much, but no chance to decide later.
I went to to two stores; the first store didn't do right, and only gave me $3.00 on my Unilever. The CS girl said it's because it goes by MVP price, not shelf price, so at the next store I figured it by MVP price. Then I forgot to give a couple of packages of Knoll sides I'd gotten to get me up to the mark and turned out it gave me the $10 based on shelf price, so I could have done my deals totally different.

Walgreens has a Unilever deal this week also, I thought about waiting and getting the Ragu there, getting it free with Neurogen overage, but then decided I didn't want to risk them not having any or enough in stock.

Oh well...snooze, I lose.

20 Axe Spray
20 Ragu
12 Vlasic Dill pickle
10 Lipton Tea
4 Red Baron Pizzas
2 Texas Toast
2 TGIF Mozzarrella Sticks
2 Otis Spunk frozen cookie dough
2 Cocoa Puffs
2 Cheerios
2 Dove deo

Total $41.61 + 7.26 tax = $48.87 oop (approx. $0.63 per item)
Savings $298.06
($198.28 Coupon Savings)
($99.78 MVP savings)

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