Wednesday, February 16, 2011


At Walgreens I bought more Neurogen; they are $14.99, with $10.00 RR all this month. There's a $10.00 MQ in the Diabetes mags found at Wags, so makes for about a $5.00 profit each time.

I've got like $140.00 worth of $10 RRs at this point. I'm looking to spend it on an e-reader. I seen they have some on-line, but not in the store I shopped today. I asked the Photo gal if they ever carried them, but she said no, they wouldn't carry things like that.
Really. They carry DVD players, Blu-Ray players, televisions, printers, etc. etc.,  but they wouldn't carry *things like that*?
CVS had e-readers. Too bad I didn't have all this in ECBs instead.

The Reach Total Care is $2.99, get $2.00 RR. I had $2.00 MQs for the Floss from the 10/10 RP, and some $2.00 any Reach TB tearpad MQs found st CVS some time back, so I paid .99, got $2.00 RR. About a dollar profit, before tax, I reckon.

The Twizzlers are on sale 3/$4. Because I'm apparently so (insert un-politically-correct term here)...I got backwards and thought it was buy 4, so I ended up buying more than I needed to. Stupidly.
So instead of $4, mine was like $5.33.
Then I got a $3.00 off your next purchase of Easter Candy RR. I knew I would be buying Easter Candy, so ending up spending ONE dollar on Twizzlers seemed like a good deal to me.

The drinks are .39 with IVC, and I bought them thinking I needed them as fillers, not realizing I was idiotically buying too many Twizzlers.

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