Sunday, February 20, 2011


Two Publix shops cost me right around $13.00 on account of crazy high taxes, and at the 2nd store the boy said he couldn't take both the $5/20 and the $1/4 Green Giant veggies coupons.
He said they were both store coupons and he could only take one coupon per item..."Corporate policy". I said I knew for a fact it wasn't Corporate policy. He ignored that. I asked what he did when someone came in with a $5/$30 coupon? He just shrugged and/or acted like he didn't hear me.
The bagger that walked me out apologized repeatedly and said that was the first he'd heard of that, he thought the boy just made that up and said the boy should've called the Manager out and let him decide instead of just saying it was Corporate policy.

$2.00/6 Hunt's tomato sauce x 2 (total of 12)
$1.04-1.49 bakery bread x 2
$1.29 BOGO GG canned veggies x 4 (total of 8)
- $5/20 items italian flyer PQ
(-$1/4 GG canned veggies x 2) italian flyer PQ x 2
-1.50 off Bakery Bread wyb 6 Hunts Tomato stuff italian flyer PQ x 2
= approx. $2.00 after coupons

$0.99 Reach floss
-1.00 10/10 RP or Dispenser (SmartSource plastic box, but not blinkie machine)
= +.01 overage

$3.59 Sundown B6 150 ct. viatmins
-3.00/1 green flyer PQ
-1.00 Peelie
= +.41 overage

$4.49 Advil x 2
-$5/2 green flyer PQ
-$2.00 tearpad mq x 2
= +.02 overage
(I think these what killed me on the taxes)

.99 Ronzoni lasagne noodles
No coupon; good price

$2.65 BOGO Wishbone dressing
-1.00 MQ 1/30 RP x 2
= .65/2 or .32 each
(There's a Wishbone TQ out there that would have made this a mm, but I missed printing it)

$4.00/2 Scrubbing Bubbles
-$2/2 PQ from Right at Home booklet
-$2/2 Peelie from last year
 = Free/2

$4.00/2 Sargento cheese
-1.50 PQ from x 2
- .40/2 (doubled) MQ ?insert?
= $0.20/2, or .10 each

$13.00 would've been a great deal for what I got, I'm sure, but the problem is, I didn't need a bit of it.
I still have tomato sauce from last year. My freezers are already packed with breads and cheeses. The floss, vitamins, and Advil are for other people.

At this point I think I'm shopping Publix just because. No real reason...just because.

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