Saturday, February 12, 2011


The Right Guard body wash was $3.99, get $3.00 RR this week, and there was a $1.00 peelie on them, making them free after RR. I only got these because I had $3.00 RRs expiring tomorrow I needed to roll.

The Kleenex were on sale for $1.09 w/ IVC, and I had gotten the $1.00/1 MQs in my paper, which made them .09 each.
But also this month there is an escalating RR deal where you get $1.00 if you buy (5), $1.50 (6), and $2.00 (7). 

The Neurogen is $14.99 - $10.00 MQ in the D&Y magazine located in the pharmacy = $4.99, get $10.00 RR = $5.01 profit. I had several $6 and $5 RRs expiring tomorrow I needed to roll, so did several deals with these.

The Arnicare is $5.99 - $2.00 IP Q = $3.99, get $5.99 (6.00) RR. Used the $3.00 RR from the Right Guard BW on these.

$1.50 x 10 Skippy PB - .50 x 10 MQs = $10.00; get $5.00 RR = $5.00 (but free after you figure the Neurogen profit)

The fire hydrant dog toy thing was clearanced to $2.49. I had been wanting one of the hydrants to go with my fire dept. stuff collection, and I had a $2.50 RR I needed to spend, so that worked out pretty dang good.
I don't have a dog, so I'll give the toys to my Mom or Son for their mutts....I mean babies.

And then, of course, the pile of pencils and candy I had to buy as fillers. Ugh.

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