Monday, February 21, 2011

Rite Aid

Adventures of Rite-Aiding...heh.
So when last we heard from our Rite-Aid Adventuress, she'd abandoned her quest for the $20.00 Winter Reward +UP when her total went from $50-something to $29.99 after buying the Youth Code kit...

Yeah, so I just figured it needed time to "catch up" or whatever, so I did the same like I did last week and stopped in and bought a Chocolate-Covered-Cherry to see if it would kick the +UP out, since I am or should be several dollars over the $100.00 mark.
Nope. Nothing. Not even a "You are still at seventy-something-dollars mark" note.

The (think she knows everything) cashier said it was because I had to buy something that actually counted towards the WR. No, but okay, we'll try her big fat idea. So I exchanged the CCC for a Reese's candy bar.
This time it printed a note saying I had spent .50 of $100.00! Whaaaat??

I gave up and went home, planning to call and ask what was up. But then I had a brainy idea: previously to today I had been using a Temporary Membership card I printed off my computer until the plastic card showed up (at my Mom's house). The plastic card came and I used it today. I did the same thing with another account and it worked fine, but maybe it messed this one up, IDK.
Anyway, I decided to go to another Rite Aid and use the Temp Membership card and see if that was the problem.
I bought a can of coffee, and it counted towards the WR, but still says I am at seventy-something-dollars. The Youth Code thing just is not counting for some reason.

Oh well, I'll either call and ask them to fix it, or maybe try to take it to one of the agreeable stores and do a return-rebuy and see if it picks up then.
If I can do it that way, I can get them to modify the new price to $30.00 so I won't have any trouble with my Rebate, and hopefully get my +UP right there and not have to wait for Corp to figure it out.

Since others were reporting the Youth Code was counting on theirs, I went ahead and bought another one on another card, along with several other things, and it did count. Put me up to approx. $68.00, so I stopped in the local RA on the way home and bought another one and a bag of jerky, and passed the $100 mark and got the $20 +UP.

As I was walking into the store, there was a new couponer at the counter asking for the Youth Code thing. Since I had looked earlier and seen there was only one on the shelf, I was like 'oh man, I'm gonna have to be the bigger person and give this thing up even though I want to finish this out and be done with it today'.
I went on over to it, the cashier and the other couponer following, and whaddya know, there was two on the shelf now. One for me and one for her. W00t.

We chatted a little about couponing and she mentioned about it said there was supposed to be some little peelie somethings on the Right Guard body wash but she didn't see any.
Since I knew last week they were going to be free after +UP this week I went ahead and grabbed four when I saw them at another store on Saturday. I bought two earlier, but even though it says Right Guard on the WR list, the BW didn't count towards the WR, so I wasn't planning to buy anymore anyway, so I gave her the other two peelies I had.
Banking up a little Good Coupon Karma hopefully. Or maybe I got paid in advance when there was two YC kits on the shelf, when there had only been one like just a couple hours earlier.

Both Managers told me they *couldn't* price modify the YC kit to $30.00, but then they ended up doing it anyway. Do people just like to be contrary or what? Gah.
Oh, and the Store Manager at the first store missed ringing up like $5.50 of my coupons. I was so flustered after her lying and denying and then doing it anyway after I said whatever, I'll argue it out with L'oreal that I thought I had messed up my cypherings, so I paid with more +UPs. Blah.
At the next store, I *did* mess up my addition; I counted off $15.00 for the $10.00 Youth Code Vv and $3.00 MQ. Duh.

$44.00 +UPs Spent
$3.38 + 5.54 tax = $8.92 oop
= $52.92
$52.00 +UPs Earned
$ 14.00 SCR
$20.00 L'Oreal MIR
= $33.08 profit

Total Saved $124.95

*Oops, forgot the $5.00 Youth Code SCR(s)

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