Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rite Aid

Rite Aid didn't hold much of interest for me this week. Several Free After - items, but I don't especially need to roll any +UPs at the moment and I end up paying tax on the stuff I don't really need.
But I was across the street from this store, so kinda stupid to not go in while I was there.

They had more of the snack items; the Stax had a sign that said Limit 3 per Person, although the other stuff didn't have a limit sign, I just stuck with 3 of each and left the others for other peeps who can't manage to get off their arses and get to the store and still expect to be able to find everything they want when they finally get off their lazy butts later in the week....NM.

Anyway, I'll probably get out again later in the week and see if there's anything left. Now that the $20/$100 Rewards are gone I need to work on my Gold level status (1,000 points = 20% disc for next year).

The snacks: Burger King, Combos, and Lays Stax are $1.00, and all give $1.00 +UP so are Free After +Up.

The Bodiheat pain patches 3-4 count are also $1.00 and giving $1.00 +UP, so end up free.
I only got the two that had a .50 peelie on them so I made $1.00 profit.

The Reach 55yd floss is $1.00, free after $1.00 MQ from 10/10 RP (I think it was 10/10?)

Coffee is still $1.99, or free after $2.00 RAq.  Sale good thru possibly 3/1.

The Nesquik powder I did need, $2.39 after 20% disc.

The Spongebob candy is Valentines 75% off clearance, I just needed to spend .25 to be able to use another +UP instead of spending more oop.

$18.00 +Up Spent
$0.00 + .86 tax = $.86 oop
$14.00 +Up Rec'd
= $4.86 cost (mainly for the Nesquik)

Total Savings $58.28

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