Sunday, February 20, 2011


The Finish are on sale again this week; $2.99 each, but no ECB. After $2.25 1/2 SS MQ they only cost .74 each.

I still had a raincheck for Finish @ $3.00, Buy $20, get $10 ECB, so I finished getting that one, plus a few more, using the $/$$ coupons.

Purex 3-in-1 are on sale for $3.99, and there is a $3.00 MQ in the 2/20 RP, making them .99 each (or cheaper with the $/$$ q's).

Purex liquid is $1.99 a bottle, and there's a $1.00 MQ in the 2/20 RP, making them also .99 each.

The Colgate is $2.99, get $2.00 ECB, Limit 2.
I used the $1.00 MQ from the Walgreens D&Y magazine to make them FAECB.

The EOS lip balm is a hidden deal again: $2.99, get $2.99 ECB, so FAECB.

The CVS jelly beans are .99, get .99 ECB.

The Cadbury eggs and minis are .75, get .75 ECB - Sun, Mon, Tues Only!
*When I shopped early this morning, the Cadbury ECB wasn't printing, so they had to manually print, which meant it didn't show up at the bottom of my receipt so I could do it again. (And again, and again, and again?!)  By the time I did the deals again after lunch the ECB was working :-(~

The Valentines buttons and caramel candy were fillers to reach the amounts for the $/$$.

And A MILLION THANKS to Paige at Cheap & Sweet Blog for the heads-up on the Head & Shoulders clearance!!
I'm not so good at reading the Clearance threads so I usually don't have any idea what's on clearance unless someone posts it in the weekly thread, so thanks to Paige, I gots great deals on H&S.
There's alot of other clearance, too, but I don't need more shampoo, and my boys need H&S.

$1.47 - 1.00 PG 1/30 = .47 each

$22.99 ECBs Spent
$3.23 + 7.81 tax = $11.04 oop
$29.46 ECBs Earned
= $4.57 cost
$297.68 Saved


Cheap&Sweet said...

Awesome glad you found some! Its nice to help you out for a change, usually its the other way around. lol I bought the same buttons this morning I thought they were cute.

Melissa said...

Yep, I was so tickled to find them. Thanks again!

Melissa said...

Back in the 80's I used to have a Levi's blue jean jacket covered in all kinds of little buttons.
I don't where that jacket and buttons went, and I don't collect buttons anymore, but apparently there's some left-over trigger in me that still gathers buttons. I passed over a pair of *Love cuffs* for the buttons, lmao.