Sunday, February 20, 2011


I'd been meaning to see if I could use the $4/$20 RAq at the store that used to accept the $5/$25, so I decided I go buy a bunch of tomato sauce, so even if they said Nah, I wouldn't be out much.

@ 6/$2.00, 20 cans came up to about 6.67 (according to my not-so-great cyphering, so YMMV). Used the $5/20 items Italia coupon to make them $1.67.

But, then I found some more of those Parmesan Bread Chips things, for a WHOLE lot less, like .52 and .60 cents. Used the $1.50 off Bakery Bread wyb 6 tomato stuff and got some overage. I was able to get (3) of them.

Also got a couple more free Scrubbing Bubbles, and (10) Reach floss w/ .01 overage each.

Because I didn't know if they'd take the $4/$20, I didn't want to buy $4.00 worth of stuff I might end up having to pay for, so I got a gift card for $25.00.

She did take the $4/$20, so my final total was -5.54 + .83 tax, for a profit of $4.71.

Didn't do well at the next store. I knew they hadn't taken RA before, but things change so much, who knows maybe they changed. Well, they did change: they will take RA q's on the item only, not $/$$, and they quit taking Food Lion. Blah.

They had plenty, plenty, plenty of tomato sauce in stock, so I went ahead and got 2 deals worth, or 40 cans, and (6) breads for some overage.

I asked the cashier if I could use (2) of the $5/20 items coupons in the same order, or did I need to do (2) transactions? She said as long as I got 40 items, no problem. BUT we can't use any other Publix coupons along with that one.
I explained to her that the other coupons I had was for bread, and was not for any of the (20) items that the $5 applied to.

Not good enough, she had to go ask at the desk. And the desk had to go ask in the office, and it was a NO, cannot combine.
However, I didn't feel like I was combining, so I asked to see whoever had made that decision.
I went ahead and paid so as to not hold up the line, which was probably a mistake.

So the little man comes out of the office and I said I just needed a clearer explanation as to why I can't use a coupon on BREAD when I bought 40 cans of tomato sauce.
He said he was in an interview and the CS lady hadn't had his full attention and he thought the coupon was for 6 cans of tomato sauce, it was his mistake and he was sorry.

So he takes me to a line and a cashier rings up my bread chips, but they can only give me the dollar amounts on the breads, not cash back. So I got them free, but no overage to apply to my tomato sauce.
Thanks for the screwing little dude.

So this deal cost me $3.67 + .41 tax = $4.08 oop

In the end, though, I still come out with a small overall profit of +.63, and now at least I know I can use my $4/$20 q's at the one store.

Total saved: $67.12

PS, another reason I started buying up a bunch of tomato sauce, I thought I'd try to make and can my own spagetti sauce.


Anonymous said...

I also bought the tomato sauce to make my own spaghetti sauce. Do you have a good recipe? Thanks! Christy

Melissa said...

Christy, I don't yet. I have to call my Momma and ask her, but I'm down with a bad cold right now. I'll post when I work on it. Let me know if you find one first.

Anonymous said...

Thanks looking forward to your recipe. Get well soon!