Sunday, February 27, 2011


...or *Shopping in Hell*

What a horrible experience shopping at Wags was for me today. If you're interested in what happened, read about it *Here*.
Deals I got:
$2.99 Colgate
-1.00 MQ D&Y mag
-1.00 IVC D&Y mag
= .99; get $3.00 RR
*The IVC expires tomorrow, but will still be a $1.00 mm with the MQ.

$4.99 Nasogel
-2.00 IP (pdf leave ur e-addy if you need me to email it to you)
= $2.99, get $5.00 RR

There are several other FARR items, but I didn't need any of them and didn't want to pay tax on them.
See for the other items.

*The Sinex still didn't give me $10 RR for buying $20, so I give up.

*The Tuff trash bags IVC coupon says "10-36 pack" but I got a 28 count and it didn't work. Manager said "That's not what's pictured". 

Vitamin Water $1.00 - .75 tearpad q = .25
Charmin $2.99
Cberry sauce .37 clearance

$44.00 RRs Spent
$7.19 + 3.75 tax = $10.94 oop
$42.00 RRs Rec'd (Should have been $52.00)
= $12.94 cost (Should have been $2.94 cost)

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Cheap&Sweet said...

Post about the bad costumer service on their twitter or facebook!