Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last day of the Viva Italia sale, I grabbed a few more tomato sauces. Gotta get a recipe for spagetti sauce...if anyone has a good one, feel free to post.
There's only four breads because the Almighty Cashier at the second store decided to *do me a favor* by allowing me one of them, but actually the coupon was intended for a loaf of bakery bread, It's what's pictured. I told her that it was impossible to picture every bread item in the bakery, and if it was intended only for a loaf of bread it would specify a loaf of bread.
But, she was right and I was wrong and that was that.

Got 20 Uncle Ben's rice, and a raincheck for 10 more. They had more of the other flavors, but I mostly like Original white rice so wanted to hold out for more of that.

Finished out my OEP rainchecks.

-.05 + .52 tax = $0.47 from gift card
.81 + .94 tax = $1.75 from gift card


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Cheap&Sweet said...

Nice going, I wish id got off my lazy butt for some tomato sauce, but oh well just cant seem to get in to publix lately. but I did decide to go to foodlion and spend a bunch of money to get my stockpile right, Just encase. Only the cheap store brand stuff but it all adds up especially with our tax 9.75 non food and 8.75 food. It sucks!