Saturday, March 12, 2011


No Fruity Pebs, but found a bunch of the frozen clearance. Seventeen (17) boxes of my kids' favorite Easy Fries, YaY!

Apparently I didn't have any Pot Pie q's afterall, only the fruit pies. Which didn't matter because I hadn't planned on buying anymore pot pies anyway, but then after the Easy Fries and pizza singles I was close enough to use a $10 RR, so got somemore pot pies to take the amount on up.
Still left alot; I wanted them all, but my freezers were already packed as it was. I don't know how I got this stuff in there.

(I told Johnny, now watch, Kroger or someone will have a big Frozen Foods deal. LOL)

At the other store I found the little .99 Dial lotion. I got (21) and used (10) $2.00 coupons, making it .79 plus tax. With tax it was $2.25 oop. Holy cow...I didn't want to pay $2.25 for lotions I won't even use.
I still have alot of the coupons left, but they're just going to have to expire. I don't want to spend that kind of $$.

I found a bunch of the Baby booklets, they were on a shelf in the baby dept. I didn't take them all, but there was alot, so I grabbed a handfull.
If anyone wants a couple of them, just email me your snail-mail.

These are Wags q's that they just throw away, so remember to keep the coupon sheets attached and just have them scan it, and not tear it out. Then you can keep using them until they expire. They are good until 12/31/11, so a looooong time.

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