Monday, March 7, 2011


I stopped at a Publix I never been to before, but hoped it wasn't heavily coupon shopped and that I'd be able to find the oatmeal I was wanting there.
I did find it, then had a spell of regret...if I was at my other Publix I could use a $4/$20 or $5/$25 and be able to get some extra free stuf.

Finally I decided that by the time I drove out there...and then they possibly not have any oatmeal in stock...I would have spent more in gas than I would have gotten free, so it was best to go ahead and get it while the getting was good.

I only had (6) of the $1/2 PQ's from the $29 coupon tear-sheet thing, so I went for all (6) deals, (12) boxes. All they could say was no, right. But if not, I didn't want to have to be running around all over the place later trying to find oatmeal or rainchecks.

I didn't have any trouble buying all (12) boxes, and got the banana to soak up the little bit of overage I was getting. I usually like to let a few cents help pay the tax, but I was in a foreign store and didn't know how they would handle that, so best to have spent a little.
As it was I had more coupons than items and he had to call for the Override. No problems, so that's good to know for future reference, if I find myself over that way again.

Then I stopped at a store I shop at sometimes, but not too much because they don't accept competitor coupons at all. I asked at the CS desk for the coupon tear-sheets and she didn't think they had any but so happened another girl was standing there and knew they were under a stack of sale ads, so I was able to get (2) more, which was all I really needed.

I got my last (4) boxes, which finishes me out for this week, and found (3) of the .99 floss, free after 1.00 10/10 RP mq.
Forgot to get anything for the overage, but I've shopped this store before and once had one of them put the last coupon in for whatever the remaining amount was, bringing it to $0 + tax, so I figured they'd either do that, or it could go towards tax.  Guess it was my lucky day, she put in the numbers herself and let it eat up some of the tax.

$0.18 + .36 tax = $0.54 from gift card
-0.07 + .30 tax = $0.23 from gift card
Saved $35.88 and $16.46 = $52.34

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