Friday, March 11, 2011

Food Lion

Food Lion is having a couple good sales, one is a Big Deal, which is twin-sister to Kroger's mega-deal: By 10 get $5 Instant Savings, Buy 20 get $10, Buy 30 get $15. Comes off at checkout.

The other is a Private Brand sale, but anywhere from (4) to (40) Food Lion brand items and get $1.00 to $10.00 Catalina back after checking out.

The Dentastix is on sale for $2.50 each, and is part of the Big Deal, so I bought 10 (at a time) at $25.00, got $5.00 instant savings, used $2.00 MQ from (insert?). Free after Big Deal and Coupons.
For the last deal I only had (8) coupons, so I had to grab a couple other items to get to 10. I didn't really pay attention to any of the other stuff I wasn't interested in, but the 2-ltr Pepsi's were $1.00, so .50 after Big Deal, I guess.

For the Private Brand deal, I got (10) cans of soda at .33 each, total $3.30, got $2.50 cat back.
Then I bought (10) Food Lion waters at .27 each, but the Cat didn't print, so I got those refunded.
I went to buy some more Soda and a Manager person comes back there and tells me they're going to have to limit the amount of sodas I'm buying because - I crap you not - she says, "You're buying ten soda at .33, and getting $10.00 back". 

Of course then she was embarrassed and probably - if not, she should have - felt like a total idiot when I pointed out I was not getting back $10.00 for buying 10 soda, and stuck to her guns.
I could have bought 40 cans of potted meat, or vienna sausage, or cat food, but they limit me to 10 soda.
Can they even do that, I wonder?

I didn't argue it because I knew I was headed to another - way better - store anyway and figured I'd get all I wanted there. But then they didn't have any, so she screwed me. Idiotic hag.

Otherwise, they have Propel water on sale 2/$1.00, and I had $1.00/2 coupons from (insert?), so they were free.

The McCormick's chili and spagetti envelopes were free after .55 (doubled to .99) coupons from the Publix Healthy Beginnings booklet.

Started with a $3.00 OYNO cat from Kroger.

I hit a meat mark-down just right. I had planned to get overage at Walmart to buy meat, but in the end I just couldn't pass these up.  I tried; I rolled off and shopped for some other stuff, but then I ended up back in the meat dept and other people were already buying the stuff I'd thought about buying, so I gave up and just started grabbing everything I wanted that looked like a good price. Aimed for about $20 worth, but it came up to $18.xx including tax, so I missed a little bit. Oh well, that's okay - we're gonna grill out steaks tomorrow. Yum!

$18.29 + 6.63 tax = $24.92 oop
$309.65 Sale/Coupon Savings

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