Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Playing the CVS Game 3

This week CVS has 5-ct package of Allegra Allergy Tabs for $6.99, get $6.99 ECB Limit 1

Go here to print $2.00 off coupon. (*There is a $4.00 coupon, but it for larger tab-count size.)
*There are reports of a $2.00 off tearpad coupon in the stores also (if someone hasn't already ripped them all off to sell on ebay).

If you still have your $5.99 from the Revitalens deal on Feb 21st, you can buy the Allegra at $4.99 w/ coupon, plus a $1.00 item.
You'll get $6.99 ECB back.

Other deals:
$18.99 Cobroxin Homo Oral Spray for Chronic Pain 1oz. get $18.99 ECB
*This is alot of cash to turn over into ECBs if you don't already have alot of ECBs to spend. Even if you do have a good many ECBs, you'll end up with one $18.99 ECB that'll have to be spent all at once later. Sometimes hard to do at CVS lately.
On the other hand, it's made from Cobra Venom, and who doesn't want a bottle of (albeit watered-down) Cobra Venom??
The only reason I'd buy this was if I got a $5/$15 CRT at the end of my receipt from my first transaction, making it a $5 mm.

$2.50 ECB wyb Crest/Oral-B Rinse, Clinical Gum TP, Glide Floss at $3.49 Limit 2
(See ad for actual item and sizes)
Coupons from 2/27 P&G make some items free after ECB.

*Possible hidden deal (some reported working, others not. If there's a sign you can have them manual print the ECB.)
Crest Whitening w/ Scope 2.7oz $2.37, get $2.00 ECB: Cost $0.37 after ECB
(P&G q's only for 4oz + size)

Physicians Formula Cosmetics are 40%
A few items are free or almost free with the $5.00 pdf coupon

Also some Colgate, Listerine, Pocketpaks, TBs and Floss on sale 5/$5, or $1.00 each
(see ad for actual products/sizes)
Free after some coupons from 10/10, 1/9, or tearpads and printables.

Spend $15, get $5 ECB on Coke, Powerade, Fuze, Smartwater, some other drinks and some other snacks.
Vitamin Water on sale 3/$3, or $1.00 each
If you have the .75/1 tearpad coupon, buy 15 bottles, pay $3.75 after coupon, get $5.00 ECB.
(You don't have to buy 15 bottles all at one time, CVS keeps a running tally on your receipt.)


3GAKids1521 said...

Not so sure I would even do the Cobroxin deal just for the fact that it did have Cobra Venom in it. Good lord, it might be getting good reviews, but, think of the unlucky person that got the bad batch of medicine and took it and died. And you know pharmaceutical companies will screw it up eventually. Good luck to you if you bought it.

Melissa said...

Lol, nah, I didn't get it. I was kinda making a "Snake oil" jest when I said that.
If I had got it it would have only been if it was a moneymaker, and possibly for the novelty of it, kinda like monkey-butt powder. Heck no I'm not eating anything with Cobra venom in it. Or pretty much anything ending in "oxin".

amy said...

Hi, could someone please send me the Physician's Formula 5.00 pdf? would be greatly appreciated. akwtkws@aol.com

Melissa said...

Sent :-)