Sunday, March 13, 2011

Food Lion

Got my Sodas without any trouble today. The same Manager was there, but I don't know if she didn't see me, or pretended not to.

I only got 40 at first, in case they did try to say something, I could argue the sale allows up to 40.
I bought them in increments of 10, so I could roll the $2.50 cat.

.33 x 10 = $3.30 - 2.50 OYNO = $0.80, or .08 per can

Then one time the boy forgot to scan my card, so no $2.50 cat.
I paid cash and went to the CS counter to rectify the situation. Usually they would just have given me $2.50 cash.
For some reason this lady wrote me a raincheck, saying to give me $2.50 off my next purchase.

Yeah right, I could see that happening, so I said I was going to use it right now, while she was still in the store. So I got 10 more sodas, and sure enough she had to come instruct the girl about the raincheck-coupon.

I got my real cat. after that order, which I much prefer.

(I also got several more envvies of McCormick spice stuff. Gave it to Mom, too. Have a picture but I accidently deleted it and am too lazy to go back and find it again.)

9.00 + .58 tax = $9.58 oop
24.33 Coupon Savings

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