Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Walmart Coupon Policy

OMGahhhhhh! Supa-Stah!

I don't generally pay much attention to Walmart deals; usually the one or two freebie-after-coupon item(s) we can get there isn't worth the hassle of even getting out and going in.
But two things came up this week to make me look.

One, I still have a *stack* of the $2.00 off Dial Nutriskin Lotion q's. I read sometime back that WM has these for $1.97. I was hanging onto them in case of a drug store deal, but no deal, and they are expiring in two days, so it's down to use 'em or lose 'em.
So if I gotta go anyway, might as well see if there are any other good deals to be had while I'm there, right.

and Two, I saw a comment (that I didn't pay much attention to at the time) and then Lacy WhatstheDill-io posted about WM now allowing coupon Overage.

Personally I haven't had a whole lot of trouble with getting overage at WM in the past, but there was always the uncertainty: Will I get the overage? No overage? Coupon rejected altogether?
It was aggrivating to find something to soak up overage, knowing it would cost me cash if the overage didn't fly. Always *IF*. I don't like *IF*, I like to know the ending before I even start.

So I'm thinking, this is pretty cool. Now I know fer-shur I'm going to get the overage. These $2 Dial coupons just became a whole less a hassle than I was dreading.

So I go to the WM site to print off the New Walmart Coupon Policy, and come to find out, allowing overage isn't even the half of it!

Not only will they allow the overage to pay for other items, they will give you money back!

And best of all (to me) they are accepting Catalinas printed from competitors registers - Can you say Register Rewards!?
Was I just not boo-hoo'ing a couple days ago wanting to be able to spend my RR's at a grocery store where I can get meat and produce!?

Now I can not only get meat and produce, but clothes, garden stuff, toys, tools, small appliances, towels, shoes, etc etc!

This is so great, I feel like I won the freekin lottery!

Publix used to accept RR's - and should since they are redeemable MQ's - I'm thinking when they get wind that WM is taking them, they might start back taking them, too.
I'm excited to be able to spend them at WM, but Publix has alot of good deals with the BOGO sales that I'd love to be able to use an RR to make even better deals.

I keep thinking about the Rite Aid SM that informed me that getting overage with MQ's was Fraud.
I told her it certainly was not, or Publix wouldn't allow it.
In the past, we couponer's have influenced RA's coupon policy alot; it may be when they hear WM is allowing overage - to the point of giving change even - we may also get a change in the "adjusting down" law there, too!

Target might/should even jump on the overage boat.

The new WM policy says they also accept Competitor's coupons, but it has to be a specific item and a specific price, which sounds more like Price-matching to me.
At the bottom it says they don't accept competitor's coupons for dollars/cents off, so no, they don't really accept Competitor's coupons.

Who cares! I am tickled with the overage and Catalina acceptance!

To put a cherry on top, I read where a few days ago, a Food Lion rep posted on their Facebook site that you *could* stack a store q with an mq on an item.
The post has apparently since been removed, not sure why, but it said that you could and that they were in the process of revising the policy and notifying the stores of it.

I'm going to send a follow-up note inquiring about it, and I hope lots of other people do too, so even if it was a mistaken post, maybe they will realize it's something they need to do.

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Melissa said...

Ugh, feeling kinda queasy now....Had more $3/1 Purex 3-in-1 q's than I thought I could use so I sold em on ebay. Got like $12 after fees.
With WMs new overage policy, that could been $40.60 overage. Gulp.