Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rite Aid

I am so pizzed off with this high gas price because of what may or may not happen in the mid-east crap, I'm staging my own feeble little protest, cutting my fuel purchases into the quick. Which means cutting out ALOT of my driving trips. As alot of you know, I live in a po-dunk little town with none of the stores I actually shop at other than a tiny, old little Rite Aid with barely any stock, so I have to drive a minimum of 25 miles to the nearest stores. Since I hate to drive that far for one store or shop, I usually end up fitting in more shops, which adds miles, so I'll drive easily 75 to 100 miles round trip to shop, sometimes a couple or few times a week.
Well, no more.

I had planned to go out and do my shopping tomorrow for the new shopping week, but then I sat down today to get my lists and coupons ready and found out two things. One, the Wags sales suck next week. No mm's and nothing even to roll RRs with. And two, there were no CVS $/$$ coupons this weekend.
So I decided to go ahead and go tonight and roll all the RRs I had expiring this next week, and wait until later in the week to see if there are any $/$$ coupons for CVS. The CVS sale this week pretty much stinks, too, so it's no big loss even if there's no coupon and I skip the sale altogether.

Otherwise, hopefully I should be able to get the RA SCR items at my local store this week. I have to pass the RA to go to the high school to pick my kid up after soccer practice anyway.

I had to pass this RA store on the way to Wags anyway, so I stopped in to see if they had restocked any of the snack items (no) and to get one of the Pepsi deals I'd passed on earlier in the week then wished I hadn't.
I went ahead and grabbed a couple jugs of milk, and they had loafa bread marked .50 so I got those, too.

They had some of the $1.00 Bodiheat in stock; it crossed my mind that they might have cut off giving the $1.00 monthly +UP, but then I thought, nah, surely RA learned their lesson about these items before, they know about these items and if they had wanted to cut off the +UP they would have done it before Sunday, right. Not.
The manager had no problem refunding my whole purchase cost onto a gift card, even though I paid with MQs and +UPs.  That was pretty weird.

I coulda done better but couldn't decide if I wanted to use one of my $3/$15 coupons. I ended up getting distracted and not using one afterall. I ended up with three more surveys to do to get three more coupons, so I should do well this next week with the FASCR items.

Stupid thing only gave me one (1) Wellness point. WTH?

$21.00 +UPs Spent
-.55 + .96 tax = $.41 oop
$3.00 +UP Rec'd
$5.35 on Gift Card
= $13.06 cost

Saved $53.17

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