Friday, March 25, 2011

Food Lion

The Tidy Cats litter is/has been on sale for 2/$12, or $6.00 each. This week, thru Tuesday, it is also on BOGO, so they are ringing up $3.00 each.
With the $1.50 q from 1/30 RP, makes them $1.50 each.

The Magic Blue Machine has been giving coupons for FREE items.
I didn't get anything when I scanned my most used card, but my spare card got a Free Food Lion Apple Juice.

I did one more deal with the Food Lion sodas, buy (10) at .33, get $2.50 OYNO. (I would have done more but there weren't enough. I think someone else found my deal.)
Then I got (10) cans of Potted sandwich meat at .39 each. For some reason it gave me back a $2.75 instead of a $2.50 OYNO. Never did figure that one out, and sure as heck didn't complain about it.

Apparently Friday morning is meat-mark-down day, this is the second Friday I went in and found alot of meats marked down. I got around another $20.00 worth (including the London Broil  *Mr. Firehouse Chef* wanted). 
It was 2 weeks ago I bought the other $20.00 worth, so it's working out to about $10.00 a week for meat. (We haven't eaten all the meat from the other week, either, so really it's less.) Not free like I used to get from getting so good overage at Publix, but meat at less than $2.00 a day, pretty close.

I had (2) $2.50 OYNOs when I went in, and used one to buy the Sodas and Potted meat, after which I had a $2.50 and a $2.75 OYNO. 
I didn't plan on going back to FL before the Brand Deal ended the 29th, and didn't know if they'd have a good sale next week...Anyway I didn't want to have to worry about having to get them spent before they expired (I already have too many expiration dates in my feeble little brain) so I went ahead and used them to buy some cube steak.  The cube steak wasn't on mark-down, but they had $2.50 and $2.76 packages so it was easier to spend them on something I knew I wanted right then.

$40.01 + 2.86 tax = $42.87 oop
(Seems like alot, but it should be a couple weeks of meals w/ meat, and I shouldn't have to buy litter for the rest of the year.)
$93.59 Sale/Coupon Savings


Anonymous said...

I am dying for a publix sale on the Tidy Cats Litter!

Melissa said...

Yeah, I don't know what's been going on with me and the Publix sales...I miss them, or they time them to coincide with the coupons being expired, or...?
Anyway, I didn't think I could get a better deal than $1.50 at Food Lion, so I went ahead and stocked up.

I forget where you live, Food Lions around?