Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rite Aid

Needed some milk, and found some free-after-coupon floss in stock. They had these Emerson Digital Camera Binoculars on clearance for $14.99 so I bought them for my hubby.

$20.00 WR +UP spent
.25 + .45 tax = .70 oop
= $20.70 cost

Saved $33.85

Onliest thing I don't understand is it only added $4.00 to my Wellness+ point total. Doesn't make sense; if they aren't counting +UP payments, then I only spent a quarter...not $4.00. But if they weren't counting +UP payments, I don't believe I ever would have made 1,000 points last year.

ETA: Pay attention to your receipts this week: where it usually says about being entered in a $10,000.00 drawing for calling or going online and doing the survey, this week it gives you a one-time use $3-off-$15 coupon to print out after you fill out the online survey.

Next week there's going to be several money-maker-after-coupon deals, the $3-off-$15 will make it even sweeter!

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