Sunday, March 13, 2011


Shot down at Walmart. 

I had $20.00 worth of RR's expiring today; I looked around at Wags, but didn't see anything I wanted to blow $20 on, when I could (possibly) get meat and stuff at Walmart.

Before even starting checking out I asked the cashier if she had seen the new coupon policy. She hadn't, so I showed it to her, pointing out where they allow overage, give money back, and accept catalina coupons.
She said she didn't know how the overage coupons would work, but that they had "always" accepted the Manufacturer's coupons from Walgreens and Kroger.

I explained to her the overage coupons would ask if it was valid coupon amount, and she just had to hit yes or enter or whatever, so that worked okay.

Then she scanned the $5 RR and it said something like no matching item and printed out a journal thing. I think she scanned the wrong bar code, though.
She scanned it again and it asked something to the effect of if it was a Food item, or something.

So she calls over the CSM, who says they can't take Walgreens coupons.  I break out the new coupon policy and explain to her that yes, they can.
She read it and everything was okay except for the fact it said "Redeemable at Walgreens". The example picture didn't show the coupon saying "Redeemable at" anywhere.

So she calls for a Manager, it was an Assistant Store Manager, who couldn't be bothered to come out there, and called on the phone. Of course she says no they don't accept Walgreens coupons. I had to insist that she come up there so she could see the new policy for herself.
Before even letting me explain why I was in there trying to use *Walgreens coupons*, she tells me, "We've NEVER accepted these coupons".  I said, not before now, but now there's a new coupon policy saying that you do.

She looked at it, read it, read it some more, and finally comes up with, "I don't see anything about stores on here."  What? I don't have a clue what she was talking about.
Maybe I'm just stupid, but nothing she was saying made any sense to me. She pointed to the example that said they don't take print-at-home coupons for free items; but said "We don't take coupons for free items". I said, um, I'm not using a coupon for a free item.

Then she points back up to the top examples and tries to tell me blah blah blah about manufacturer coupons that have a specific item pictured. I said yes, but you see the Catalina picture doesn't have a specific item pictured, that's because they are good on any item, other than what's listed in the exclusions.
I got aggrivated and told her she was just making stuff up; she denied it, but I said she didn't even know there even was a new coupon policy.

So then she decided I could use one of the RR's. She pointed to the line that says "One coupon per item". I said, I have several items. She said, it says One coupon per item, that means I can only use one of those coupons.  I said but I have alot of items, more items than coupons even. She said, it's a dollar amount off your next purchase coupon, so you can only use one coupon *of that type*.
Since she was pointing to the policy "One coupon per item", and I clearly had alot more items than coupons, I think she might have been one of those people that thinks one coupon per item means per item type. Like if you buy 5 identical bottles of shampoo, you can still only use 1 coupon. The five shampoos are the same item to these people apparently.
Or else, when she said..."off your next purchase"...she doesn't know the difference between *purchase* and *transaction*. 

I tried to explain it, but she cut me off and said that's what she'd do. Period. I said well that's not what I'll do, forget it, you lost the sale, which I'll be sure to let your Manager know about tomorrow.  Her response was "Well." (shrug) and she turned and left.

So now I got $20 worth of expired RR's and no hope in hell of being able to use them at Walmart even if they call and beg to come back (lolhahalol), so I have to make an extra trip I wasn't planning to make tomorrow to my good Wags stores where I can use 1 day expired coupons without a big hassle.
Just hoping I find enough Exedrin to be able to roll them, or else I'm back to blowing $20 on....?

I was already mad my car drank so much gas today. I did so good last week; put in $35 on Monday, and went until this morning without needing more. That included shopping on Monday, a trip of John taking his Dad to the doctor, several trips to the high school and back, a marathon shopping trip - probably over 100 miles - on Friday, and another 50-60 mile shopping trip yesterday.
This morning I put in $20, which put me at half a tank. My mom's house is a little over 30 miles, but I went maybe 5 miles out of the way to go by Food Lion. The Kroger, Walgreens, and Walmart were pretty much on my way to and from her house.
Just that little bit trip and I'm down to just a quarter tank tonight.

I'm pretty sure that problem was that I was loaded to the gills on the way down there. I poked along, but it still used alot of gas.
Then on the way home, for one thing I was p-o'ed when I left Walmart, and also this stupid time change, I hate it.  Yesterday when I slept in a little bit, I got up and it was still morning and we had the rest of the day to do stuff.  This morning I slept in and the day was half freeking gone when I got up.
When  I stay out shopping kind of late, it used to still be only like six or seven o'clock when I got home, still a few hours before bedtime. Tonight it was freekin after eight o'clock when I left Walmart.  I just wanted to get on home; didn't have time to piddle-diddle along.
Now to top it off I have to make another shopping trip I didn't plan to make tomorrow.


Cheap&Sweet said...

I lol when I saw your empty floor! I knew what had happened. I got shot down on the millstone Q's. Man I tried my hardest to explain That their was a comma after any prepackaged and that bulk coffee 1/2 lb or more is were you get it out the dispenser! I was so frustrated!

Melissa said...

Sounds like typical Walmart crap.

In that case I'd probably try again, with a different cashier. Some of them just look at the picture and don't (or can't) try to read too much into it.

Or ask for a CSM and act astounded that the idiot cashier doesn't even know the difference between pre-packaged, and bulk. Maybe the CSM won't want to look like an idiot, too.