Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Had about $60.00 RRs expiring today I had to do something with. I rolled $30 on the Anti-Aging vitamin things, but then I spent some on the DVD+R's on sale 25count for $8.99.
They ended up a little cheaper with the overage from the Nasogel and Colgate, if you don't count the candy, and after oop and tax, actually cost 7.77 each, or about .31 per disk. (Cheaper if you do count off for the candy.) Saves my family probably thousands on movies.

The Breathe-Rites were free with the Catalina coupons we got a few weeks ago...I can't remember what triggered them. Was holding them waiting for a deal, but there was no deal this week and they expired Saturday, so had to spend them.

The Biotene dental products are BOGO50% this week: the dry-mouth gum costs $1.99, so the second one would be .99.  There are $1.50 off any Biotene coupons in the D&Y magazine from Wags.
The second one beeped and didn't work, but we didn't notice it at the time. I knew the total was too high, but I went ahead and paid and then figured out what went wrong. The Assistant-Manager came and gave me back $1.50.  So the second coupon maybe needs to be entered at $1.48.

The candy and baggies were fillers.

$90.00 RRs Spent
$3.32 + 8.00 tax = $11.32 oop
$78.00 RRs Rec'd
= $23.32 cost

Saved $194.06

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