Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rite Aid

Ugh, I'm kinda off my game at Rite Aid this week, just not feeling it or something.

The BIG deal is free American Greetings Cards. There are plenty of .99 cards for many Holidays and Events, you don't have to get only Easter cards, and they are free with the $3.00/3 in-ad coupon. I stocked up on B'day cards for the rest of the year (maybe the rest of my life, as bad as I am at actually sending cards, lol).

Also there is a $1.00/3 .pdf mq here you can stack with the in-ad q, but it states Excludes .99 or less cards.
Beside the gift wrapping paper rack there are little 3x3 inch size gift-wrap cards, priced from .89 to 1.29, the majority of them being 1.19.
If you get 3 of those at $1.19 and use the $3/3 in-ad and $1/3 pdf, you might can get .43 overage.

Johnson Skincare BOGO50%, get $5 wyb 3 items deal:
(4) Neutrogena Single Transparent facial bars Reg price 2.99
= $8.98
(2) Neutrogena Lip Moisturizers reg price 3.29
= $4.93
Total $13.91
*I grouped this with a Free Greetings cards w/ overage deal to take my total over $15.00 so I could use a $3/$15 survey coupon.
Pay $10.91; get (2) $5.00 +UPs
(I got (6) cards, so .43 overage times (2), this deal ended up costing me .05 plus tax)

Garnier/Maybelline BOGO50%, get $5 wyb $15 deal:
(4) Some kind of lipgloss reg. price $5.69  (Sensational?)
= $17.06
- (4) $2/1 any Maybelline Lip 2/6 RP
- $3/$15 Survey coupon
Pay $6.06; get $5.00 +UP
*I got (6) cards with this deal also so it ended up costing me .20 plus tax)

Revlon deal (Limit 1) Buy $10, get $4
*Did this deal yesterday and tried to copy a scenario someone had posted using overage from buying .99 cards w/ 20% discount and so my MQ beeped and they wouldn't take them, so my Revlon deal ended up costing me like $3.xx after the $3/$15 coupon.
I didn'try this deal again.

Old Spice Deo/Body Wash; get $2.00 +UP wyb 2 (Limit 2 per card)
$2.50 Deo x 2
$3.99 (w/ 20% disc) BW x 2
- 1.00/2 OS 2/27 P&G
- 3.99 BW free wyb Deo x 2
= $4.00; get $4.00 +UP
*The coupon limit is up to $3.99, I didn't want to risk getting busted on it and having to pay $2.00 on something I didn't really need so I only used my cards with the 20% disc to do the deal twice.

In the midst of three transactions, the Store Manager asks me about do I only carry the coupons I know I'll need for the sale, which I said yeah mostly. He said he had some of the Gillette BW on clearance...Turns out I was carrying those coupons because I had seen someone else mention that. He had seven bottles behind the counter so I said I'd buy them all if he was looking to get rid of them.
I stupidly didn't consult my notes to be reminded that they were giving the $2.00 +UPs per (2), so I bought all seven at once, used (7) $2.00/1 PG 2/27 and a $3/$15 coupon. My ending total was .43 plus tax.
But had I bought (4) and (3) using other cards, I could have ended up profiting $2.57 and saved a $3/$15 coupon.  Blah.

I did a Carefree deal because I had a $1.00 coupon from a magazine expiring tomorrow:
$5.00/2; Get $2.00 +UP
-1.00 mq from magazine
- .50 mq from 3/27 RP
= 1.50, or .75 each after +UP

The Toe Warmers were clearanced .24 at the store I visited yesterday so I bought them all, about $4.00 worth, to put in the Care packages I sometimes send to my peeps.

Today I found the Spic'n'Span disposable gloves for .25 so I bought all those, too, about $3.00 worth. We use alot of disp. gloves around here.
Not me, I'm not scared of gettting my hands dirty, but I guess it's habit from Johnny's job(s), or else he has a clean-hand fetish, I don't know, but he won't hardly do anything messy around here without wearing gloves. (Sissy boy)

$33.00 +UPs Spent
$1.41 + 5.59 tax = $7.00 oop
$29.00 +UPs Earned
= $11.00 cost

$71.80 Wellness Savings
$120.46 Coupon Savings
= $192.26 Total Savings

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