Sunday, March 13, 2011


I was planning to have a great week at Kroger.
With the mega-sale, I get .51 each overage on the Garden Delight Pasta with $1/1 (insert?), and .26 each overage on Vitamin water with Tearpad q.

I was going to use that overage to pay the .49 price on some Kraft items like the Philly Cooking Cream cheese (after 1.50 coupon), and Capri Sun and Nabisco crackers (after $1/1 q from booklet from top of Maxwell House coffee cans).

Had it worked out right, my order should have been free, and then I expected to get a $5.00 OYNO wyb $20.00 Kraft items, as reported on Southern Savers.

I didn't get the OYNO at the first store, didn't know why. I asked about it at the CS desk (don't know why I bothered, they have no idea). But she thought I was talking about the Mega deal and just handed me $5.00 out of the register.

At the next store I thought, okay, well, maybe it was because they were on sale for $1.99 and I only got 10, which is $19.90. Or, possibly, because the stuff is new, maybe it's really not included.
So next time I got Capri Sun and Nabisco crackers. Total was $22.40 (before the instant savings came off, but the register wouldn't associate that), still no cat.

So after that I got 10 Garden Delight and used the overage to get Gatorade free.
Also got a bunch of just free Smart Taste and Harvest Healthy pasta with $1/2 (?insert) coupons.

(The Philly things are pic'd separate because I left them with my Mom when I stopped by her house.)

ETA: Finally looked up the Kraft catalina items for myself (shoulda did it to start with). The Philly cooking creams are NOT included, and only certain of the crackers like Ritz, Triscut, and something else I can't remember are included. Oh well.

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