Friday, March 11, 2011

Rite Aid

New deals:

If you haven't done or finished the Heart Healthy $10 wyb $30/$50 deal, all the Nature Made Vitamin D counts. They are on sale BOGO50%, and get $5 +UP wyb $20.00. The cheapest I found was $4.99, then there was some $6.49 chewable, then some $9.99.
I used a $1.00 MQ, and the $3.00 Rite Aid IP q,  and a $3/$15.
First deal ended up free, then I got the $5 +UP.
Next deal I had to pay like $3.xx, got the $5+UP, and a $10 wyb $30 +UP.
Should be somewhere near $50 now, too, so going to try for the other $10 tomorrow.

L'oreal stuff is on sale for $6.99, excluding the True Naturale makeup. Well the True Naturale is ringing up $6.99 anyway. Use the $5.25 in-ad q, and a $2 or $3 MQ for free/great deal makeup. I bought the Blush and Foundation.
It looks like it rings up full price, or price after 10% or 20% discount, but if you look under the Subtotal where it says Savings or something like that, usually where the BOGO savings shows, then you should see  it takes off like $8.xx. Or you can make up some excuse to get the cashier to print out the receipt and you should be able to see on it if it's ringing up $6.99.
But the cashier sees a higher price on the register when they start looking at coupon amounts.

My $3.00 any face product coupons beeped item not found, but they were pushed thru without any problemo.

They had some $2.69/$2.99 Crest, reg price so 20% disc on mine, used $1.50 in-ad q and .75 mq from PG (I think?) = cheap/free/overage.

Reach floss is still apparently $1.00. Free after $1.00 10/10 RP.

Lots of NYC makeup 75% off, each one gives $1.00 +UP. Must be originally priced $1.99 or more.

Found very little Jessie's Girl and Sally Hanson nail polish.

Found a PF Mineral Wear Loose Powder on clearance. Has Special Value sticker in right corner. Someone else posted it rang up $5something...since all the other prices had been matching up I didn't think about asking for a price check, so of course it rang up cheaper, $4.76.
Used both the $5 IP and $3 in-ad q.

The boy said he couldm't take the $5 coupon because it was more than the cost of the item. I said just enter it for $4.76, and not use the ad coupon.
Nope, can't do that; you can't change the value of coupons, that's fraud.
I told him to go get his copy of the coupon policy..he said he could...I said please do. He said he wasn't trying to be mean or anything, but... I said I'm not either, but I've been doing this a long time, I know the policy.
Finally I had to use my "Mother" voice and told him to go get the policy, so he said okay, and called the Shift Supervisor up there. lol.

He told her I had a $5 coupon, but the makeup only rang up $4.76. She said, so put in $, what's the problem duh?

Poor guy got so confounded, he did it, apologizing to me, then went ahead and scanned the $3 in-ad coupon anyway.

That was my first transaction; after that he didn't bother with printing out the receipt to check prices and just scanned all my coupons without anymore problem.

Finisihed off my BOGO Reese's coupons.
Couldn't believe I actually found Sardines in stock. I guess people quit buying when they cut off the +UPs for a day.  I got all mine.

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