Friday, March 11, 2011


Was only able to find (4) of the Fruity Pebbles. Cost $3.xx, got back $3.00 RR and $3.00 Catalina.
Supposedly the Cat prints until 3/20, not sure if the RR is this week only, or a montly deal. They are listed on a sheet of paper titled March Madness or something like that, as 5/$5 deals.
Other stores didn't have any FP, but had a good sale on frozen stuff. The Easy Fries and Banquet potpies were .32 each, an the Red Baron pizza singles were .97 cents.
I think I have coupons for the potpies, but not with me and I wasn't going to pass them up to try to go back and get them later with a coupon. They wouldn't be there.

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