Saturday, March 5, 2011


The first Wags didn't have any of the Nasogel, so I only rolled my (5) $10 RRs on the Anti-Aging vitamins.

At the other Wags, I had (6) $6 RRs to roll, they had (5) Nasogels, so I did five orders of Nasogel, Colgate, a Vitamin Water, and a pkg of nuts as a filler. I was counting on the nuts to ring up either .89 as the tag said, or .79 if the in-ad coupon worked, but turned out they rang up .69, which threw me off by a few cents. It wasn't accepting the last MQ, so I started tossing in Reese's cups.
Always freaking something.

Oh well, I probably ended up spending a little more than I needed to, but I still feel better that I didn't just have to unload $86.00 worth of RRs on useless stuff next week.
:Whine:Whine:Whine:Why can't I use RRs (MQs) at the groooccceeeryyy stoooorrrrrrre? :Wah:Wah:Wah:

With the last $6 RR I bought a box of trash bags, Charmin, and a bag of nuts. Best deal of the night.

$86.00 RRs Spent
$4.43 + 5.14 tax = $9.57 oop
$90.00 RRs Rec'd
= $5.57 cost

Saved $149.06

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