Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rite Aid

Ran to my local Rite Aid to spend my Chloroseptic insert q's that were expiring today.
-1.00 MQ
Get $3.00 +UP

I also used a $1.00 and a $2.00 off your next purchase Video Values q's.

Loafa bread was marked down to .79 cents.

Used $15.00 +UPs
$0.73 + 1.49 tax = $2.22 oop
Got $18.00 +UPs
= $0.78 profit

In other news, I ddin't make it to Wags yesterday to spend my expired RRs, so I'm out $20.00.
My fault...I knew there was the good possibility I'd have trouble with using them at Walmart...I should have just bought stuff while I was at Wags.

As far as Walmart, I wrote a complaint, and another Ass-Manager from the store called me up today.  Said she'd read my email, but she needed to me to go over it with her again. So I started telling her what happened, and she cut me off to ask me where I had gotten this new coupon policy. I told her Walmart.com.
So I continued the story, but then when I got to the part about the RR's, I said it sounded like she didn't know anything about the new coupon policy either (she'd asked me where I got it..why would she ask that if she already had it?). She said no, no, she knew it, she had it right there.

Long story short, she said they had just gotten the new policy yesterday, a copy was posted at all the registers, and the way she was reading it, there should have been no reason I shouldn't have been able to use them.
So far so good, until we get to the Purchase vs. Transaction issue.
She also insisted that a Purchase *was* your total transaction.

I asked her if she had ever seen a manufacturer's coupon like that comes out of the Sunday paper...Oh of course, they get hundreds of those a day. I said, almost every one of those say Limit One Per Purchase; so you're telling me, if I come in and buy a couple things of shampoo or toothpaste, I have to do all separate transactions to be able to use the coupons?
She stammered something about having to "monitor that...making sure they followed the terms" blah blah blah, I don't know.

She put me on hold for awhile and came back and said she'd asked her boss, the Store Manager (whom she had already told me wouldn't be in 'till Thursday morning), and that was also her understanding: A Purchase is your whole Transaction.

So I've got a call in to the Market Manager.

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