Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rite Aid

Stopped in at my local Rite Aid on the way to picking my kid up from school this evening.

While I was shopping at RA yesterday, a nice lady asked me if I needed any of the Stayfree BOGO coupons. I hadn't gotten any, so heck yeah, that was great. She gave me four of them.
I had $1.00 coupons from this past weekends inserts at home, so was able to get those and do the deal today.
They are on sale for $2.49 each, and you get $1.49 +UP wyb 2 (what a weird sale).
$2.49 - $1.00 coupon
$2.49 - $2.49 BOGO
= $1.49; get $1.49 +UP = Free

I found $1.29 greeting cards at this store (they prolly had them at other stores and I just didn't look for them). After my 20% disc. they were $1.03 each.
$1.03 x 3 = 3.09
- $3/3 in-ad q
- $1/3 pdf mq
= +.91 overage/3
(I got 12 cards, so $3.64 overage altogether)

The loafa bread was clearanced to .79 each, and I got another Nesquik: $2.55 w/ 20% disc.
Used a $3/$15 survery coupon.

$4.00 +UPs Spent
-.55 + 1.34 tax = .79 oop
$5.96 +UPs Earned
= $1.17 profit

Then I did a Biore/John Frieda deal (aka Skin & Hair deal): Buy $20, get $10 +UPs.
This is a monthly deal, keeps a tab so you don't have to buy all at once, or any extra amounts count towards future purchases. No known limit.

The deal I was copying had prices listed at about $1.00 cheaper than my store, so I figured it if I used my 20% disc, or 10% disc.
The 20% disc brought the total under $20; at the time I didn't realize it was counting. I'm not sure if I would do better or not better using the 20% disc since it counts, I'd have to do some cyphering and check that out.
$7.64 Biore Strips (10% disc)
$7.64 Biore Cleanser
$6.56 JF Full Repair Root Stuff
-2.00 Biore tearpad
-7.64 Biore Cleanser wyb Strips (insert?)
-2.00 JF Full Repair Styler (insert?)
= $7.20

$7.00 +UPs Spent
.20 + 1.32 tax = $1.52 oop
$10.00 +UPs Earned
= $1.48 profit

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